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Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro Arrives in Two Variants With LTE Connectivity

Xiaomi is working to bring new Watch S2 Pro smartwatches to the market, and there are already some strong hints that we’re talking about powerful wearables. There will be two smartwatches certified as M2311W1 and M2312W1, and both of them will be capable of LTE connectivity.

However, Xiaomi also has another ace up its sleeve, as smartwatches won’t represent the only new additions. The Chinese brand will also release the Mix Fold 3 and the Pad 6 Max devices.

What sets the upcoming Xiaomi apart is its SIM support, making it the first watch of the Chinese brand to offer such a feature. Users will have the comfort of making phone calls directly from their watch. In other words, they won’t need to bother bringing out their smartphone, which is great news for those who want to engage in phone calls while they’re at the gym, for instance. Answering phone calls directly on your wrist, without having to grab the phone, is also a great deal for those who like to go running.

In addition to the SIM support, we can also expect the Watch S2 Pro to offer new sports modes, a sleek design, and other useful features. The two models in question, meaning M2311W1 and M2312W1, have been discovered in the IMEI Database, indicating that these are likely the Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro. The launch of the Watch S2 Pro is anticipated to coincide with the release of the Xiaomi MIX FOLD 3 foldable smartphone in August. In other words, Xiaomi will also jump on the bandwagon of ‘foldables,’ where companies such as Samsung and Huawei already are. While further details about the upcoming Xiaomi smartwatch are yet to be revealed, the addition of SIM support is an exciting development that is sure to please a lot of users.

Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro – better than the predecessor?

The Xiaomi Watch S2, on the other hand, meaning the smartwatch that was already released back in December 2022, has some very nice specs that make it capable of granting the wishes of pretty much anyone who wants a smartwatch. The device sports capabilities such as an accelerometer, barometer, heart rate, SpO2, thermometer (skin temperature), gyro, compass, and body composition (BMI). In other words, you can use the Xiaomi Watch S2 to monitor your health, which means that the smartwatch can make you skip some visits to your doctor.

Perhaps you already got the point: the upcoming Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro shouldn’t normally be weaker than the unprecedented Xiaomi Watch S2. The forthcoming device should be at least as good as the Watch S2, but unfortunately or not, only time will tell for sure.

Xiaomi usually has a good reputation when it comes to creating good smartwatches, which can only mean one thing: we can look forward with optimism when it comes to what the company prepares when it comes to the forthcoming Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro.

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