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Xiaomi Redmi Note common problems and fixes.

Xiaomi Redmi Note common problems users have and their fixes: Xiaomi recently launched their Note series smart phone in India. Amazing specs at decent cost phone stand this phone way ahead of other devices. It is getting amazing response, online sellers selling 60k units within 2 seconds. I also tried my friend’s Xiaomi for about 2 weeks. Within 2 weeks I found some issues. So here I am giving to teel you common proIems that you can face in your new smart phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note Problems and fixes that we are discussing here:

  1. Problem in Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Battery not charging or battery drain quickly
  3. Not able to send SMS/MMS.
  4. 4G network not working properly
  5. Frequent connection drop.
  6. Touch screen not responding or not working properly.

If you are facing any of these problems in your Xiaomi Redmi Note then this post is for you. Read detailed solutions for all these issues.

Xiaomi Redmi Note common problems and fixes:

Problem: Wi-fi connection problem is major issue that Xiaomi Redmi Note users are facing. Most of the time they complain that Wi-Fi signal drops at middle of task or phone got disconnected from Wi-Fi automatically.

Solution: Best solution to fix Wi-Fi disconnection problem is to remove your existing Wi-Fi and reconnect again. For this go to Wi-Fi >> check your Wi-Fi name in the list >> click on arrow next to it and select forget network. Now again scan for Wi-Fi and choose your network.

Xiaomi Redmi Note common problems and fixes.

Sometimes its better to use manual IP instead of using default IP address. For this you need to change IP address, gateway and DNS.

Read detailed post on how to change Wi-Fi settings.

If your device is running on older operating system then I recommend you to upgrade your phone to latest operating system.

Hope these methods will help you to fix Wi-Fi signal drop or disconnection problem.


Problem: Xiaomi Redmi Note takes too much time in charging then you must follow these steps

Solution: Try using any another charger to check if your charger is working properly or not. If you have any spare battery then check your battery status. As there are not many solutions to all these problems so I suggest you to take your charger and phone nearest service center.

For battery drain issues I suggest you to upgrade your Redmi Note to latest firmware available. Also there are many apps available in Google play store that can increase your battery life. Check for Google play store for battery saving apps.

Problem: Not able to send SMS/MMS in Xiaomi Redmi Note. After typing long SMS when you click on send it shows an error message not sent successfully. If you are also facing the same problem then:

Solutions: First check if SMS service center number is correct or not. For confirmation call network provider’s service center. Also check alternate SIM card and try sending message from that SIM.

For MMS issues check allow mms always. Go to settings >> mobile network >> check always accept MMS. Check if you mobile data turn on in your Xiaomi Redmi Note.

If all these methods don’t work it’s better to take your phone to nearest service center.

Problem: Xiaomi Redmi Note comes in two variants. One is 3G and other one 4G model. 4G users are facing some issues regarding their connection. Their 4G connection is not working properly. If your Xiaomi Redmi Note is not connecting properly to 4g network then check out the solutions:

Solutions: Sometimes your carrier providers offer different SIM card for 4G connection. So verify from your carrier service center. Confirm that 4g is available in your area. Also you can set default mobile connection to 4g. For this go to settings >> network >> network type and select 4G or LTE.

Hope these fixes will help you out.

Xiaomi Redmi Note common problems and fixes.

Frequent signal drop in Xiaomi Redmi Note: While talking to someone your smart-phone’s connection drop and call gets disconnected. Then you must check out these fixes.

Solutions:  First check if SIM card is correctly inserted in SIM tray. If not insert it properly. IF you are getting not registered on network error in Xiaomi Redmi Note then I suggest you to read the following post.

Fix not registered on network error for Xiaomi Redmi Note.

If you are still getting the problem then contact Xiaomi service center or carrier customer care.

Problem: Xiaomi Redmi Note touch screen not working. Recently I got mail and someone told me about this problem. Touch screen showing slow response or sometimes not working properly. Go through some possible solutions for this:

Solutions: Touch screen not working or giving no response is mostly due to hardware problem. But still you can try to troubleshoot it

Open your device’s dialer and enter the code * # * # 64663 # * # *. Now enter hardware detection and select touch >> screen test >> menu >> touch screen calibration. Once you have calibrated your Xiaomi Redmi Note exit from there and check if touch screen is working properly or not.

If you are still facing same problem and take you device to nearest service center.

Hope I have covered all common problems and their fixes for Xiaomi Redmi Note. If you still get any problem feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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Thank You.

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