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Xiaomi Mi3 common problems with fixes.

Xiaomi Mi 3 common problems and fixes: recently Xiaomi launched its Mi3 model. As we know it was a great hit in Indian market as well in other countries. With amazing hardware configuration and sleek body design it’s a good choice for gadgets lovers. But no device is perfect and so is with Xiaomi Mi3 smart phone. Users are facing many problems in Xiamo Mi3 like heating issues, apps compatibility issues etc. So in this post I will give you fixes of common problems for Xiaomi Mi 3 users.

Here are some problems of Xiaomi Mi3 we are going to discuss in this post:

  • Xiaomi Mi3 overheating problem
  • Xiaomi Mi3 whatsapp sync problem
  • Touch screen not working in Mi3
  • Xiaomi Mi3 battery drain very fast
  • Phone restart automatically

These are top 5 problems faced by Xiaomi users. So here we are to give you the solution.

Xiaomi Mi3 common problems with fixes

Xiaomi Mi3 common problems and their fixes:

Problem: Xiaomi Mi3 overheating issues

If your Xiaomi Mi3 gets heated too much then do not worry. Overheating of devices with good processors is very common problem nowadays. I hope solution given will help you out.

Solution: Xiaomi Mi3 produce too much heat.

Continuous running of all the cores can over heat your device. Main cause of this too much browsing and high-end gaming. To fix overheating problem you can turn on battery saving mode in Xiaomi Mi3.

Menu >> settings >> advanced options >> battery >> battery mode >> turn on battery saver mode.

Also you can stop or kill unwanted applications running in your device. For this you can use apps like clean master etc. Stop using live wallpapers and turn off mobile data when not in use.

I hope these methods will help you.

Problem: touch screen not working or responding very slow

Many users have complained that in middle of any task Xiaomi Mi3 touch screen stop responding or show lags. If you are facing the same problem read the solution

Solution : Xiaomi Mi3 touch screen responding very slow.

To fix this problem you are advised to restart your phone. Else lock and unlock your Xiaomi Mi3, this will help you.

If you are getting this problem too many times then you are advised to take your phone to service centre for repairing.

Problem: Xiaomi Mi3 battery drain very fast.

If your Xiaomi Mi3 is giving you poor battery back up then there are various factors are responsible for it.  Unnecessary apps running in device, GPS and wi-fi are on.

Solution: increase poor battery life of Xiaomi Mi3.

To improve battery draining problem in your Xiaomi Mi3 turn of unnecessary apps running, turn of your wi-fi and GPS. Also you can install many apps like battery doctor etc. to improve battery life of Xiaomi Mi3.

Xiaomi Mi3 common problems with fixes

Problem: xiaomi mi3 restart automatically.

If your phone turn off and turn on automatically it could be due to battery issues, buggy or faulty application installed in your device.


Phone restart automatically can be fixed by again charging your phone. Also to remove any faulty app from your Xiaomi Mi3 you should factory reset your phone.

Note: before resetting your device please make backup of all your data.

Problem: Xiaomi Mi3 sync issues with whatsapp.

Solution: to fix sync issues:

You should provide whatsapp access to your contact list. You can do so by

Setting >> apps >> whatsapp >> manage permission >> access to contact list. This will help you to fix sync issues with whatsapp.

I hope this post will cover most of your xiaomi mi3 common problems. If you still fell any trouble feel free to ask in the comment box below.


Rishabh Pant is a passionate writer and blogger. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. In his free time, he loves to watch movies and play PC games.


  1. i m using MI3
    in whatsapp only showing numbers not the names
    in new chat option showing the message “no whatsapp contacts”
    Please help

  2. Whatsapp wont open. It shows as locked in the icons. Tried everything like uninstalling it and installing again. Please help.

  3. In my xiaomi mi3 whenever I open something for the 1st time like the other day I was trying to do a video call on hangouts, and suddenly a page appeared saying hangouts is trying to use your camera, there were 2 options accept and deny. Bymistake Iclicked on deny and now whenever I try to video call it says camera error.this happening with other apps too.

    • Its a rare problem but you can try
      Settings >> Battery and check if mm-qcamera-daemon is running. If it is running exit the app and again relaunch the application. I hope this fill fix your problem.

    • I had the same issue….You need to permit use of camera by the application. You can do it by following the steps below:

      Go to setting-> General settings-> Apps-> Whatsapp (or any other app where you have a problem)-> Manage permission and click on Use camera

  4. Whatsapp keeps shutting down automatically in my xiaomi redmi. Whatsapp also shut down automatically when i try include it in my account setting. I have uninstall and reinstall the app several times without success in resolving the problem. Please help. Thanks

  5. Im a avid fan of mi3 but i have a big problem with the battery.. By the time my battery low and try to charge it wont charge anymore. So i need to off the Mi3 for a day or 2 for me to charge it again. Do you have solution for this?

  6. Resently i updeted my mi4 with new rom. And now i can not open PDF file. What should i do to fix the problem?

    Thank You


  7. BY mistake i unistalled hangout from my xiaomi mi3 now when i ried to install it again its not getting installd, shows not installd with X mark

  8. i m using mi3
    i m not make calls using headphones, is there any solution.
    or any setting for the headphones
    please help

  9. Hi Rishabh,

    I am using MI3 it was working fine even when I use 2G for 7 hours and 5 hours WIFI,
    but after the updating the latest version of MIUI(KXDMIBh34.0), the battery of the phone is start getting discharge drastically, I can say it is now 50% of battery I used in past,
    Can you please give some input on it.


    • Dear Irfan you can download some battery saving apps like DU battery saver or battery doctor. Or wait till Xiaomi roll out some new update.
      Thank You

  10. In my MI3 All was Good. But recently I kept my MI3 near window by mistake which was Raining outside.There was some drops of water when i noticed and Now my Touch screen is not working.Help me out please……

  11. Hi,
    Can I know why the contact list in mi3 will disappear bit by bit everyday? For example there are 100 contacts, but the next day some contact will lost and become 70 contacts only.

    How should I solve it?

    • First check if you are using more than 1 contact type. Like contacts for whatsapp and calls seperately. If still problem occurs then try to save contacts in phone memory.

  12. MI3..when i played the music it become hang and played the same music all over againn again..the touch screen unfunctional
    n the wallpaper all black i ned to forcely turn the power off…it ady happen more thn 10 times

  13. My Mi3 can only detect 2g, i have tried manually setting it but all i can see are 2g networks in the selection. Why is this? Pls help!

  14. Hello,
    I am facing an issue with the camera .
    Whenever i open the camera an error pops us stating that ” CANT CONNECT TO CAMERA”.

    Can some one let me know what should i do to fix this ?


  15. Hi, good day. I have a Xiaomi Mi3 Phone and it’s running like a charm, until one day when I update the MIUI from ver 23 to ver 34, I’m experiencing lag on games that I play (the most obvious ones are Brave Frontier) , The graphics are not smooth when the battle in on. It’s like framerate spike or lag. Sometimes it’s smooth, and times it dropped to 0 and then it’s smooth again, jerky framerate imo. Would you please help me to resolve this issue please? Thanks in advance! (Currently using MIUI-KXDMIBH34.0)

    Warm Regards,

    P.S. (Before update, I was using ver 23 and it was buttery smooth in every games)

  16. My MI3 seems to be restarting each time i try and open thecamera… its not working through whatsapp or the normal camera icon- its restarts.. cleared cache and have tried a graceful shutdown/restart. Any solution?

  17. I am using Xiaomi mi3, I am getting an error message “Camera Error” whenever i trying to video chat in Google hangouts app.
    Please help ASAP !!!

  18. Sir,
    I am facing an issue I wonder why is it not discussed more often.The MI3 has some multitasking issues.It has poor app sustainability.For an example,if I open subway surfers,then Google maps,then music,then whatsapp…after that when I go back to subway surfers,it restarts again.This is the ONLY problem I have faced with MI3,poor app sustainability and auto app release from memory.This happens with games,browsers and any kind of apps.I rooted the phone and installed RAM MANAGER PRO,and set my custom values(just 1 MB for visible apps,foreground apps,hidden apps) for RAM managements,it worked fine for some minutes,I was even able to multitask between 3-4 heavy games without autoclose of any of them.but after sometimes,again the problem started to occure. Again multitasking became poor and apps started to close automatically when I swich between them.I will be grateful sir if you can find me a solution.Except this problem,MI3 is as excellent as it can get.

    • I hope these methods will be helpful for you
      Download any RAM booster app like clean master and try to free up some RAM before going for any multitasking. If this method wasn’t helpful then i suggest you to reroot your device.
      Thank You

  19. Hey rishab, my mi3 having some problem with the screen. Look gets pixilated Looks more of color saturation. Dulll coloration.

  20. Hi,,
    I’m using mi3, my problem is when ever I opens any apps sometimes it shows ‘unfortunately, the process gapps has stopped’ it shows ‘report MIUI’ or ‘Ok’, when I click report MIUI it shows report bug,, ever times this happens plz tll the solution.
    Thank u

  21. Hi reshabh ,
    I have a problem in my xiomi mi3, If i answer the call , I can hear the caller when I turn on the speaker, My problem of no sound appears randomly and I always need to bring earphone with my phone.what to do I have restarted the phone many times and also rebooted it, but nothing helped , what to do


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