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Windows 10 Build 10532 Is Already Available For Download

Microsoft wasn’t expecting to see that its new operating system, the Windows 10, is so appreciated by its users, who reserved their free upgrade right in the first day (July 29), when it was launched. Within a month, the Windows 10 reached 75 million devices and more users are upgrading every day, to benefit from the latest features. A few days ago, a new build was made available for the members of the Insider program, demonstrating that the Windows 10 is maturing.

It seems that Microsoft has finally hit the jackpot, after being criticized for the removal of the Start Menu in Windows 8. This operating system was a big mistake and the company paid the price, because many of the users didn’t like the touch-first interface and downgraded to Windows 7. So, the developers worked on a new platform that has the Start Menu, but they didn’t drop the touch UI interface. At least they made it less intrusive.

Microsoft had in mind to release the Windows 9, but in the end, the company decided to call it Windows 10, and in October, it was launched the first test build of the client version. Then occasionally, new preview builds were released and the users who got the chance to test them gave feedback, reported bugs and all kinds of issues and sent suggestions about what other improvements should be made.

After the final version of the Windows 10 arrived on July 29, in only 24 hours, it was installed by 14 million people and the number kept on growing every day. Even the mobile phone/tablet users were curious to see how the new OS runs and they were very satisfied with the changes.

The developers’ biggest achievement was to make the new platform to run across all devices running on Windows, which means that every application is compatible with computers, smartphones and tablets, as it has an adjustable resolution. The users can download them from the Windows store, but only if they bought a license for Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, otherwise they must pay $119 for the Home edition or $199 for the Pro edition.

Windows 10 Build 10532 2

Build 10532 still has incompatibilities with Chrome

The members of the Insider program are privileged to test the latest builds of the Windows 10, before they go into Windows update and the users experienced some problems with build 10525, because it didn’t get along very well with Chrome, but Microsoft didn’t manage to fix this problem yet, as it still persists in build 10532.

However, the latest build is not full of bugs, as it comes with improvements to the user interface, especially to the context menus, which have a more uniform styling, but the theme is still light and dark.

The users appreciated the Windows Feedback button, which stood between them and the developers. This way, they were able to give feedback, to share their ideas or to complain about the bugs. Later, this button received extra options, such as the ability to copy and paste feedback on a forum or into other applications. The community of Insiders can help Microsoft with suggestions, which are taken into consideration, and if the ideas are good, they are implemented.

The company brought back the language pack support to the beta testing, as promised, but in addition to the Chrome incompatibilities, it seems that Windows Hello (which allows signing in using face recognition) has some bugs, but only some users complained against then. The good news is that fingerprints, passwords and PINs are working fine.

If you’re running Chrome 64-bit, then you’ll experience serious issues, because the browser will crash on launch. However, with this build, the 64bit Google Chrome Canary build and the 32bit version are working great. On Microsoft’s blog, the representatives wrote that “We have found and fixed a few issues that would be a blocker for some Insiders in recent builds in our internal rings, so we haven’t had one we felt was ready to go out to you since 10512. We have some good candidates coming through with those fixes, so after we run them for a while and ensure they are ready for you we’ll get them out”, which means that soon enough, this nightmare will be over.

Everyone can join the Windows Insider program, no matter if they have a valid Windows 7/8/10 license or not. At the end of 2014, there were already 1.5 million members who tested the technical preview of Windows 10 and until the official release of the new operating system, there were five million users who wanted to test both the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

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