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Which classic arcade games have survived into the modern era?


Although many games titles reveal some incredible graphic complexity and elaborate open-world environments, it’s hard to beat the fundamental appeal of many classic arcade games.

As a result, many of the most popular gaming genres in the online realm tend to hark back to some of the legendary games of yesteryear. So whether it’s a retro-flavoured puzzle game or even a simple online pokies title, it all shows how classic arcade themes are a lot more fun than the mind-numbing tedium of the latest open-world adventure game.

Infocurse - pacman


Perhaps the most iconic arcade game of all-time is Space Invaders. And even something as primitive as this has influenced many titles like Gravitron 2 that unashamedly use retro two-dimensional graphics to remind us how simple games are no less addictive.

Simplicity is the fundamental concept behind the massive success of Nintendo’s mobile game, Super Mario Run. Although there’s been a lot of hype about how it cleverly used touchscreen technology to make full use of smartphone screens, it’s basically an old-fashioned platform game that bears two-dimensional similarities to arcade hits like Donkey Kong.

And although arcade games like Pac-Man, Galaga and Frogger have been with us for well over three decades, they haven’t been around as long as those one-armed bandits which were perhaps the first arcade machines. And even these archaic machines have been updated for first time players thanks to sites like Lucky Nugget Casino who have created online pokies for the smaller screens.

infocurse - Tetris_Arcade_Machine

Some of the more successful arcade games like Out Run and Pole Position attempted to add a touch of adrenaline to the action by delivering fast-paced racing games. Whilst critically acclaimed titles like Trackmania can display some incredible realism and amazing graphics, it’s still at heart a basic arcade racing game.

And finally, most of us will have a soft spot for Tetris which is possibly the most popular arcade game of all time. Not only did this help kick start the insanely popular mobile puzzle gaming trend, but the lo-fi game of Tetris has also reportedly have over 425 million downloads for our ultra-modern smartphones.

So whilst racing games, platform titles and online pokies might not have all of the technological prowess of the latest battle arena title, they are no less exhilarating!



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