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 Trade In iPhone for the Best Price in 2022

As is the trend, a new iPhone is launched every year- this year, the iPhone 14 lineup has already been unveiled. For various reasons, some of us are tempted to upgrade each time a new model is released on the market. That’s why when you trade in iPhone to subsidize your new one can be such a great move. The idea is to be able to save much money in this technologically advancing world. 

On that note, perhaps you’re wondering where to trade in your old iPhone and get hundreds of dollars to help buy your new iPhone.

Worry not. We have got your back. This short article has compiled a list of the best/preferred places in the market today to trade in iPhone for the best price. Towards the end of this article, you’ll have learned where you can make hundreds of dollars, the best timing, and an estimation of what to expect during that process. 

Before we get started, there are a few things you would have to do before selling your old iPhone. Make sure to back up your data. Be sure to confirm if you’ve backed up your messages, and this could go a long way to ensuring your photos and videos are backed up. Lastly, remember to unpair your Apple Watch and clear your phone’s data.

Places You Will Find the Best to Trade in iPhone.

If you’ve used eBay before to sell an item, then you would agree with me there are several problems associated with the platform. The main challenges with eBay include higher seller fees, non-supportive communication tools between seller and buyer, and in most cases, eBay is flooded with substandard products. If you’re looking to sell your iPhone on eBay, it would be very challenging unless it’s fully functional. 

Swappa is more or less like eBay, but it’s one of those places you should consider if you want to fetch more money for your old iPhone. At Swappa, though, you would have to meet their listing criteria, which require a little effort. As you would in other platforms at Swappa, it’s essential to showcase your phone and be honest with its condition. To paint a picture in your mind, a 128-GB iPhone would average about $600. 

Are you looking for reliable cash? If so, check out Gazelle. It’s a company that has existed since 2006 and is reputable for buying phones. Another thing you might like about this company is its very simplified process.

Typically, you fill out an online form that contains some questions about your phone. Then based on the answers you’ve provided in the form regarding the condition of your phone, you will get an offer. If you’re satisfied with their offer, the shipping process follows, and upon reaching the company premises, your phone will be ready for inspection. The company inspects your phone, and you’ll be paid upon verification, as mentioned in the form. One thing you must note, though, is that payment is processed after seven days. 

If your iPhone is not in the best condition, perhaps it’s broken, uSell is the best place to sell it. From experience, it is the likely place to get the most for broken iPhones. How much you’re paid will depend on the condition of your iPhone. 

Apple’s iPhone Trade-In 

It’s one of the easiest ways to sell your phone. Although this is not the best place to secure the best prices, it can also be a better alternative if you purchase a new iPhone. Your old iPhone enables you to secure credit to the new device. However, it’s important to note that Apple only pays top dollar for mint condition devices. 

However, an iPhone 12 in good condition can fetch you as much as $500. It’s the best place for people who must upgrade to a new iPhone once launched. 

A few More Options to Consider

  • eBay-It’s one of the most popular places to sell things online. However, many people question the legitimacy of buyers/products
  • Amazon
  • You can opt to sell it yourself- Craigslist is one of those places you can go for if you want cash, but it’s the riskiest option.

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