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WhatsApp for Android Review

WhatsApp for Android Review

WhatsApp is #1 messenger application for android and ranks 5 on Google Play store under communication apps list. With approximately 200M active monthly users, this app is surely the most used messenger application all around the globe. WhatsApp is available for a number for mobile operating systems including android too. The main reason for its fame is its humungous user base, it can be said that the every smartphone does possess WhatsApp as default instant messaging application. So, let’s figure out what this simple instant messaging application is worth off!

Getting Started!

Okay! So now you have finally decided to get the awesomeness on your smart device. Well, getting WhatsApp is quite simple, as you just have to get yourself registered on the network using cell number. Android users can get this app directly from Playstore, as it is a free application; however there is a yearly subscription of around $1. Post installation and registration, the app will automatically read all your phone contacts and list all the people who are available on WhatsApp.

The Interface

In the current world of innovations in VR and commencement of virtual display era, it is quite crucial for an app to possess an awesome interface. Although, making it awesome should not affect its speed and other factors. WhatsApp has now developed a tabbed interface, containing three tabs namely calls, chats and contacts. The tabs are quite descriptive by their name, the main part remains to be contacts, from where you can open chats and make calls too. The interface now possess a green colour sticky bar with creamy background, the transition and icons have changed too, adding icing to the cake.


In addition to the common feature of texting, you can also send images, voice clips, voice notes, videos, location and e-cards too. The newly added feature of WhatsApp allows you to make and receive calls, these calls are totally free as they won’t cost airtime; although data charges will be applicable. It may also be noted here that there are certain restrictions put by the government of certain countries on this free call functionality.

You can now also chat to a group of friends, by making a group. Such groups supports up to 30 participants to be added, such groups essentially have an admin who is the curator of the group; however he can also pass his powers to the participants by making them admin too.

Whatsapp for PC is still not available which might be counted as a drawback. Although, there is a web version, which will work as long as the app is actively being used on mobile device.

Using resources:

It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 gig of RAM or it is 2 gigs, WhatsApp can easily run on 256 MB of RAM too; neither have you to worry about any extra GPU requirements. It is the simplest messaging app which you can find.

The performance is incredible, as you can see your messages receiving instantly when using a fairly good internet connection. Besides this, you will rarely see any glitches or sudden termination of app.


Every amazing thing comes with a price tag. The same is the case with WhatsApp, although you do not have to pour tons of buck to keep the service going, its $1 that is enough for a year. For the first year, the subscription is totally free too.


  • Huge number of existing users.
  • Can send unlimited number of text messages, voice clips, videos, images, etc.
  • Free voice calls using VOIP.
  • Can be migrated to different devices and even different cell numbers.


  • Cannot be used on desktops without when being active on mobile device; no desktop application for any OS developed yet.
  • Video conferencing not available yet.
  • Can be used on one device at once.
  • Stickers not available yet.
  • Security breaches.




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