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Goodbye Appy Days! What Happens When Your App Goes Wrong?

So you’ve built and developed an app and have launched it, but it hasn’t been quite as successful as you would have liked. Admittedly, at first, your app seemed to be doing really well. It was ranked highly in the app store, you were getting plenty of traffic from downloads, and you had received plenty of calls and emails about your app and how incredible it is. But then all of a sudden things started to go wrong – your downloads dwindled, you’ve lost traffic, and your app has moved much further down the app store rank.

You can’t help but worry about what’s going on and what is wrong with your app. Why have the downloads stopped? Why is no one using your app? What’s happened to your traffic? What on earth is going on? The important thing is to try not to panic; it might be upsetting that your app seems to have been forgotten about but there’s bound to be a reason why this has happened, it’s just a case of determining what that reason is.

To help you determine why your app isn’t doing as well as you hoped it would, below are some examples of reasons why an app can lack success.

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Your app has glitches

One of the most common reasons why your app isn’t being used or downloaded is because it has glitches or doesn’t run properly. The fact is that while an app can be a highly effective marketing tool, if it’s not well-thought-out and professionally designed, a business app can be useless. If your app has been well-designed and throughout, then the chances are that a glitch could be at fault for the lack of downloads or use of your app. The key to dealing with app glitches is to work with a specialist company like Global App Testing to ensure that any bugs or issues with your app can be found and dealt with. To ensure that your app runs properly, it’s worthwhile investing in specialist app testing.

The app lacks use

Another reason why your app may not be as successful as you hoped it would be could be because it lacks use. The fact is for an app to be successful it needs to do something useful because otherwise, people have no need for it. Whether you had an app created as part of your business’s marketing plan or as a venture in itself, it’s important to think about whether it has a purpose, and if so, whether it serves its purpose as it should do. If this isn’t the case, then it could be time to redesign and develop your app, improving it and making it more useful.

You’ve got touch competition

Perhaps the reason that your app isn’t as successful as you hoped it would be could be because you’ve got some tough competition. The truth is that in business there is always going to be fierce competition, which is why you need to learn how to ensure that every part of your business, from the initial concept to your app, stands out. When it comes to apps, if you want to beat your competitors, the most important thing is to be constantly improving and updating your app, and ensuring that your in-app SEO is on point.

There you have it, a guide to what you can do when your app isn’t as successful as you were sure it would be.



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