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What You Need To Know About Using Tech To Simplify The Recruitment Process

At some point, most business owners will reach the stage where they need to employ others to help run their operation. The employment process can take a long time and require a lot of money and effort if people follow the traditional route. However, we are living in the digital age, and so it’s sensible for all entrepreneurs to make use of the latest technology. In this article, there is some fantastic information that should help to set the record straight. Follow the process outlined below to ensure the company finds the best talent and gets the right people onboard in the fastest time possible. Of course, it’s wise to tailor this strategy with the business model in mind. Just use some common sense, and this method could slash the recruitment time in half.

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Use the company website to advertise vacancies

Most business owners will launch a website to promote their products and services according to the UK Business Digital Index. However, it’s also possible to use that domain as part of a recruitment drive. Place a banner on the homepage that lets people know there are vacancies at the moment. Then, link that graphic to a page on the site that highlights the current position and provides some more information. At the very least, entrepreneurs should publish:

  • Details of the job role
  • Salary information
  • A step by step guide to the application process

With a bit of luck, individuals will find it much easier to sort the wheat from the chaff because the only people applying for the role will be those who already have an interest in the brand. Hopefully, all candidates should have a reasonable idea of what the job entails, and that should limit the number of unsuitable professionals making an application.

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Post job adverts on specialists sites related to the industry

As Peninsula’s Working Nation 2017 report highlights, there are lots of issues that could affect the employment process during the next twelve months. With Brexit just around the corner, many UK business owners worry that new regulations could cost them a small fortune. With that in mind, it doesn’t make sense to spend money when it comes to advertising positions on specialists job boards. Thankfully, there are lots of free industry-related sites where anyone can create a listing. So, company bosses just need to conduct some research and identify the most suitable domains. In most instances, only candidates with experience in that marketplace will access the sites to check vacancies. Again, that should mean entrepreneurs don’t have to deal with as many applications from people without the right skills.

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Accept job applications via email

Wherever business owners choose to promote their vacancies, it’s essential that everyone accepts applications via a dedicated email address. The last thing any entrepreneur needs is to receive a huge bag of letters in the post every morning. There are also lots of ways in which individuals can filter the list of applicants using straightforward methods. For instance, some people might choose to include a comment within the job descriptions that goes something like “title all application emails as I NEED A JOB”. That way, the company boss can delete any messages that don’t contain that title before opening them.

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Hold initial interviews using a video messaging services like Skype

Due to the unemployment problem in the UK at the moment, a shocking number of people apply for each vacancy. Business owners can’t afford to spend three weeks inviting candidates to the office for a face to face consultation. So, it’s wise to make use of video calling software like Skype. Sure, company bosses will want to meet individuals before offering them a position at the firm. However, they don’t need to do that during the first stage of the interview process. Using a video messaging tool will enable the entrepreneur to deal with twice as many candidates at the same time. The best alternatives to Skype at the moment are:

  • Viber
  • Google Hangouts
  • Whatsapp Messenger
  • ooVoo
  • We Chat

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Research potential candidates via their social media accounts

Sometimes company bosses would benefit from learning a little more about their candidates before inviting them down to the office for a second interview. As almost everyone uses social media these days, that is an excellent place to start. Search for the person’s name on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the best results. Once entrepreneurs find one account, it should become easier to identify the rest. Take a look back through all the posts the individual published during the last few months. If there is anything that raises alarm bells, it’s probably wise to focus on a different worker. Also, take a look at the pages the person “likes” to learn more about their interests and worldview.

It’s also wise to type the candidate’s name into Google and see if there are any interesting results.

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Create digital contracts for people to sign to save time

When entrepreneurs find the perfect candidates, they will want to get them onboard as quickly as possible. Anyone who wants to speed things up should consider sending digital versions of the employment contract for the individual to sign. That removes the need for people to wait for the postal system to deliver physical letters. Also, upload a digital version of the full job description too. Add a box at the bottom that the person has to sign to prove they’ve read and understood the information. If that worker ever acts negligently or fails to perform their duties, that document will come in handy during the disciplinary process.

As everyone can see from the strategy outlined in this post, it’s critical for all company bosses to make better use of technology when hiring new staff members. The last thing anyone needs is for it to take weeks to find suitable candidates for the vacancies. That could set the business back, and it could cause entrepreneurs to take their eyes off the prize. So, be sure to follow the tips listed here today, and put them in action the next time the venture needs to expand and employ more talent.

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