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Twin Gates 2 – The Highly Addictive New Reflex Game By Thousand Games K.K.

As a tech journalist it’s very rare that I get completely swept up in a game, usually, after a cursory look around and a quick play I’ll put it down and get on to writing my thoughts. This is a necessary pattern for me to fall into, as so many games come my way; if I allowed myself to get sucked into every one that I review, I’d never get any work done at all. This however, has not been the case with Twin Gates 2 by Thousand Games K.K.

Twin Gates 2 is an infuriatingly addictive reflex game that has completely absorbed me and stolen away from my work. It’s premise is incredibly simple (a feature that I imagine only adds to it’s addictiveness); as the gamer, you’ll be tasked with getting black and white balls into their respective ‘gates’. To do this, you must colour match the balls with their gates by tapping the screen to change the colour of the gate to the balls that are hurtling towards them. Sounds easy enough, but the ever-increasing speed of the balls and their abundance means that the gamer can’t take their eye off the screen, for even a moment, without it resulting in ‘game over’.

Info Curse - Twin Gates 2

There are four game modes to choose from including: duet, which involves just two gates, quartet which is four, variable switches thing up as you get more and more balls into the gates and challenge takes you up increasingly difficult levels. As you get the balls to their gates and pass through different levels you earn ‘coins’ that can be used to purchase funky backdrops and different shaped balls, which lends the game an added bit of flare.

Twin Gates 2 is free to download from the App Store and Google play, however, there are quite a few timed advertorials that will interrupt game play. If you would like to go ad-free then you can choose to pay a one off fee of $1.99 and if you would like access to all the levels at once, then you can pay $3.99 to unlock the whole game.

So if you fancy juggling even more balls in your life, then bounce over to the App Store or Google Play and download Twin Gates 2 today!



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