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Tweaks For Taking Your PC Gaming Experience To The Next Level

Unlike your Xboxes and Playstations, your average PC isn’t built for the high-intensity gaming of today. Many are built for moderate use – spreadsheets and few Youtube videos, not high speed car chases and screens full of a hundred explosions.

In order to play on your PC like a pro, you’ll need to transform it from a regular machine to a games console. This requires a few hardware and software changes. Whilst there are all manner of expensive and intricate ways to tweak your computer, here are the most worthwhile.

Change your graphics card

The easiest way to keep your computer coping with the high-speed visuals of gaming is to change the graphics card. You can go overboard and buy all manner of expensive models, but if you’re entry level gamer it’s probably not worth shelling out on anything over two hundred quid. A new graphics card can be especially handy for making an old computer compatible with newer games, rather than buying a whole new computer. It will immediately make gaming less laggy, and give you greater reaction speed over your opponents.

Get a new monitor

Don’t let yourself be hindered by an old monitor. You should at least have a HD monitor for newer games. Those wanting to take their performance up a notch may be better with an Ultra HD or 4k monitor for an even greater resolution. Such hardware can be expensive, so make sure when shopping around to read up comparisons of the best 4K gaming monitors. You can even buy multiple monitors.

Start thinking ergonomically

Your average PC keyboard and mouse aren’t made for the gaming stress you put them through. Intense button mashing may require a special gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting features and more robust keys. Your mouse needs to also be more ergonomic to allow fast movement. Other adjustments can include the comfort of your chair, the arrangement of your desk and the size of the mousemat, all of which can make your gaming smoother.

Adjust performance settings

If you don’t use your computer for certain uses, it’s possible to limit these in order to increase the function of certain settings that could make your gaming experience better. There are all kinds of adjustments you can make from updating graphics drivers, allocating more memory to graphics and playing with power saving settings. Also make sure Application Optimal Mode is set to ‘Enable’ as this will greatly improve gaming performance.

Improve your audio

Some pro gamers may play around with their sound card or install surround sound speakers to give their gaming audio more panache. Whilst this may not have a dramatic effect on some games, it could be worthwhile for others. If you play with an online team, you should certainly think about getting a decent headset and perhaps a decent microphone so that everyone can communicate clearly. There are many top-quality noise-cancelling microphone available for under fifty quid. Unless you’re making Youtube video walkthroughs, it’s unlikely you’ll need anything more than that.



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