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Train Your Brain With These Powerful Apps

In concordance with the experts from the University of Montreal, it seems that every aspect of the modern life, such as the technology and our eating habits, is destroying our brains.

However, you can still keep your brain “active” by using some applications. It seems that there are games that can improve the memory of patients that suffer from schizophrenia.

So, here are some applications that you should use in order to keep your brain active.


Elevate is a quick brain training application, which aims to increase your ability to focus, your reading comprehension and your memory. The application comes with a series of short exercises, which will take you a few minutes to complete, allowing you to come back to them during the day.


BrainHQ comes with intelligence tests, brain speed exercise, attention exercises and it even hosts other tools which will aim to keep your mind sharp.


The Lumosity application has already been used by over 70 million users. The application comes with some brain training games, which will help you train your mental muscles.

After creating an account and selecting the mental faculties you want to exercise, the application will create a customized daily routing where the games are made especially for the skills you want to test.


The Wizard application was created by neuroscientists from the University of Cambridge and it was made to improve your episode memory. Episodic memory means the type of memory required when you need to remember where you’ve parked your car or where you’ve left the keys.

The researchers from this university estimate that schizophrenia costs the UK around 20.3 billion dollars per year. They say that this game can actually bring some small improvements in cognitive functions, which will help the patients to live more independently and improve their health and wellbeing.




Eidetic application uses a technique called space repetition, in order to help you memorize everything that is important, such as phone numbers, pin codes, passwords etc.

The application is very useful for students who need help in memorizing some quotes for exams, but it can also be used by someone who tends to forget the bank details, pin codes etc. After entering the information that you want to memorize, the application will notify you and remind you that it’s time to test yourself.

Fit Brains

Fit Brains is another application that will improve your mental performance with some games. The 6 mental key mental functions are: speed, logic, memory, language and visual.

Like a personal trainer, the games will get harder as you improve yourself and the application will keep track of your progress and even make recommendations of how to challenge yourself by changing your training routine.

Costea Lestoc
Costea Lestoc
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