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Top Tips for Creating an Engaging Presentation on Tech

When you are running or attempting to launch, a small business in the tech industry, presenting ideas to prospective clients and customers is vital. You need to be able to put on a good show to show off your company and make an excellent first impression. You need to present yourself, as well as your ideas, and make sure you are remembered. Creating an engaging presentation can help to get your business noticed. Here are some top tips to help you.

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Smarten Up

First impressions are hugely important. Especially when it comes to presenting your business or product to a group of people you’ve had very little interaction with in the past. You are the face of your company. So, think about your appearance very carefully. Make sure you are clean, well-groomed and smartly dressed. Stand tall, smile and look confident.

You should also make sure your presentation is clean and tidy. Make sure that any stationery, files or documents that you use are neat.

Give Them Something to Take Away

If you want to be remembered, it’s a great idea to give your audience something to take away from the meeting. This could be a media pack, booklet, or a PDF of your presentation notes or slides. Giving them the option to convert PDF to Word is a useful tool as it allows them to make notes on your presentation later on.

Be Personal

Business meetings and presentations can be unbelievably boring. One way to avoid this is by making it personal. Try to tell a story instead of just reading out facts and figures. Give it a personal touch. Ask your audience questions and speak to them directly.

Make it Fun

Yes, you have to be professional. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some humor. A quick joke at the start can break the ice and engage them from the start. Try to keep adding fun anecdote or notes as you progress to hold their attention. The last thing you want is your audience drifting off just before you reveal an important point. You could even include some gadgets or run a poll.

Keep it Short

Another key way to avoid the dreaded drift is keeping things short. Be fun and engaging without added waffle. Make sure everything you say has a point and learn how to read the room. If your audience look like they are drifting off and they’ve stopped making eye contact, throw in a quick joke or ask them a question to get them straight back in the room.

Body Language

Your body language is as important as what you are saying. Don’t stand still staring straight ahead. Look them in the eye, move around the room and use your arms to emphasise what you are saying. If you look bored, they won’t listen.

A good presentation can be the difference between turning your company into a success from the very start and spending years struggling to get noticed. Practice in front of a mirror or present your ideas to your friends. Practice as much as you can so you can present confidently and knowledgeably.



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