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Top Three News Sites On The Web

In today’s political, economic and social climate it’s important to stay on top of news and current events. But with so many allegations of ‘fake news’ sites on the web and unverifiable facts even in major broadsheets it’s hard to know what to believe and when. I personally think it’s always best to take in any kind of information you’re receiving with a pinch of salt, whether it be from The New York Times or Fox News (maybe a bucket for the latter). But since we do need to get our information from somewhere, it begs the question: which one? Well, below is a list of the what I believe to be the three best news sites on the web and why.

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The Huffington Post is a left-leaning american news aggregator and blog space that has skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade. The site, which focuses on both localised and international news, covers everything from politics, business, environmental issues and technology to popular media, lifestyle, culture, comedy, healthy living and women’s interests. As I mentioned earlier however, as Huff Post is a left leaning site, when reading you’ll have to put on a slightly conservative lense to counter any liberal bias that had made its way into the copy.

Google News is not so much a news site in of itself but rather a catalogue of every major broadsheet the world over. It’s updated constantly and scrolling through Google’s feed is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date stories available. Be forewarned though as the likes of the Daily Mail, USA Today and PEOPLE will run side by side (or above and below to be more accurate) with The Guardian, The Washington Post and BBC News.

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Now that you’re covered everywhere from fluffy news pieces and blogs to serious journalistic news stories it’s time to throw in a little levity. Mook News is a relative newcomer to the satire scene, with it’s short snappy articles aping current events in an overtly comical fashion. Unlike it’s competitors The Onion and the Daily Mash, Mook News is free from the annoying pop ups and banner ads that have plagued the once click-baitable sites. Its stories cover global politics, sports, entertainment, religion and current events then formats them into hilarious and digestible pieces. Its name ‘Mook’ comes from the adapted definition of ‘Someone who believes fake news’, an irony that remains lost on some of their readership.

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