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Top Music Apps For Exercise – Stop Wasting Time On Playlists

We all know that workouts are easier while listening to some music. Today we’re going to talk about some applications that come with some workout music, which will help you a lot when you are running, lifting weights etc.

In case you are already using a streaming service such as Spotify, then you already know that there are already two workout channels (or more). With other words, you are good enough with that application.

Today we’re going to give you five applications that come with some great workout music.

FIT Radio

FIT Radio application comes with awesome mixes that you will surely enjoy listening to while working out. You will not need to create playlists, as the application comes with a tap-and-play setup. In addition, there are new mixes added daily, to make sure that you will not listen to the same mix more than one time. The free version of the application comes with six mixes per genre and it features ads. However, if you want to remove the ads and have access to more mixes, you will need to pay for the premium version that costs 4 dollars per month, 28 dollars per year or 80 dollars for lifetime.



RockMyRun is a great application for doing exercises and it comes with some stunning tracks that will motivate you to reach your limits with ease. In case you’ve used these kinds of streaming applications, then you already know that sometimes your mobile device is losing the internet connection and the music suddenly stops. This way, you will most likely lose your momentum, which is not good.

However, RockMyRun is able to stream music offline, so this will most likely not happen if you download the preferred songs to your mobile device. In addition, the application will match the music to your movement (steps). The application is using the Body-Driven Music feature which automatically changes the BPM of a song and matches it with your speed.

RockMyRun is working with MapMyRun, Runtastic, Endomondo and Nike+ applications. You will be able to register and get all playlists in just 45 minutes for free. However, in order to lose the ads, you will need to get the Rockstar level, which costs 5 dollars per month or 36 dollars per year.



Spring is a new music application that comes with some great features. The application has over 35000 workout songs, which will keep you concentrated to the exercise. The application comes with a GPS to track how much you run. At the same time, the application will be able to see during what song you’ve “forced” your limits. This way, the application will know what kind of songs motivate you and it will select them accordingly.

Unfortunately, there is a downside of this application, as it allows you to stream only five hours for free. However, it is good to know that the application is working with Apple Watch and Apple Health.

In addition, the Spring application will be released for Android devices later this summer.



PaceDJ is an application that’s available for FREE for both Android and Apple users. This application is awesome for the persons who already have a long list of downloaded mp3s and want a player that will organize them for workouts. The BPM identifier will start finding the track on your mobile device and then guides you though the process of creating the list for: running, cycling, walking or “other”.

Based on the workout exercise you choose, you can pick songs BPM such as: 75BPM songs for cycling or 130BPM for running. Keep in mind that the application will also warn you that it will pick songs with 10BPM more or less than your target speed.

If you don’t have many songs, don’t worry because you can find a lot on the PaceDJ website. By heading to the PaceDJ website, you will find a lot of exercise specific playlists with Amazon or iTunes links, which you can use for your workout exercises.

GYM Radio

GYM Radio

The GYM Radio application comes with three main stations based on what type of exercise you are doing such as: Gym, Hardcore or Cardio.

However, while using the free version of this application, you will constantly get requests to try the premium version. At the same time, there are ads which are popping out on the screen every now and then. This is annoying because sometimes you can barely get back to the radio screen.

The premium version of GYM Radio will remove the ads and it will bring features such as: new songs, skips and offline listening.

There are many applications that can help you improve your workout. However, we suggest you to test out these five applications and tell us your thoughts about them.

Costea Lestoc
Costea Lestoc
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