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Top Applications That Should Not Be Missing From Your Apple Watch Device

There are over 3500 applications in the App Store for the Apple Watch. Today we’re going to list you a few applications that are definitely are worth to be installed on your Apple Watch.


In case the Citymapper application supports your city, then you will surely want this application installed on your Apple Watch. You will be able to plan your route via train, bike sharing, metro, bus, taxi, uber etc. The application supports all transport modes and step by step navigation. Even if the Citymapper version for Apple Watch is not as detailed as the one found for your iPhone, it will still show you the fastest route to get from A to B. The application will give you step by step instruction from where to get the bus and it will let you know when you need to get off it.


Twitter is one of the most used social networks out there. There are a lot of people who use it daily and there is a high chance that you are one of them. Well, from now on, by using the Twitter application for Apple Watch, you will be able to see notifications from Twitter on your wearable device. To make things even better, you will be able to send a tweet by just using the Apple Watch’s dictation feature.


Lifeline is a text based story that you can play on your Apple Watch. You will need to communicate with Taylor, the only surviving member from a spaceship that crash landed on an alien moon. The game will play out in real time, which means that you will receive messages from Taylor during the day. This game is quite interesting, as it will bring a bit of mystery into it, making you barely wait for the next message.

Apple Watch Apps


Uber is an application that got quite popular in a short time. The application allows you to request rides with just a single tap and even monitor the progress of your drive without even touching your iPhone. Even if the Uber application for Apple Watch is quite light, it does provides all the information you need about, showing estimated arrival time of your drive, a photo of the driver, the rating that (s)he has and the number plate of the vehicle.


Using the Evernote application on your Apple Watch, you will be able to dictate a quick note and save it, set reminders for events and more. If you are a person who has a busy life, we suggest you to use this application, because you will be able to organize your time better.

Booking Now

Booking a hotel room can be quite a pain while using a non-mobile optimized website. Well, don’t worry, because Booking.com released the “Booking Now” application which allows you to book a hotel room via the Apple Watch with just a single tap.

By using the Force Touch, you will be able to instantly book a hotel room directly from your Apple Watch. In addition, you can also manage your reservation from your Apple Watch and even navigate to the hotel’s address by using a turn-by-turn direction. The application will also remind you the hotel room number in case you’ll forget it.


OneNote application is already available for both mobile and desktop devices and it can be installed on Apple Watch, as well, allowing you to read notes. You can even dictate notes by using Apple Watch’s microphone.


Slack is without a doubt one of the most popular team communication tools out there. The application will allow you to send messages without having to scroll through the entire feed. You can also reply with some pre-defined answers via Siri or by using emojis.


Shazam is a great application that will let you know what song you are listening to. All you will need to do is to shake your wrist when you hear a song that you can’t identify and the Shazam application will let you know which song is it. In addition, you will receive details about the artist or the song and even get the lyrics in just a few seconds.


In order to run Strava on your Apple Watch, you will firstly have to install it on your iPhone. By installing Strava on your Apple Watch, you will see real time stats on your workout activity. In addition, you will see segment by segment updates and details in real time, including your hearth rate information, so that you can improve your routine. In case you set a personal record, the application will reward you with a trophy, but it will be just a “virtual” one.

Do you own an Apple Watch wearable? What applications are you using on your Apple Watch and how useful do you think they are?

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