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Top Android Launchers for 2015 – Download Available

With Android, users get a bunch of neat customizations options. Enhancing your Android experience can be done with the simple installation of a new Launcher. This is also known as the home screen feature, where users can quickly access all of their apps and other installed tools. Check out a list of 6 most exciting Android Launchers for the year 2015.

Note: All of the below mentioned launchers are free of charge.

  1. Google Now Launcher 

The Google Now Launcher belongs of course to Google. Using you voice one can immediately gain access to the Google Now knob. With the latter launcher, users can also access their top products as well as Maps ort Gmail for instance.

  1. Smart Launcher 3 

Smart Launcher 3 consists of full and neatly organized lists. Of course, if you don’t like the way the lists are categorized, you can use its customizations options to make a change.

  1. Nokia Z Launcher 

Nokia has decided to roll out the Z Launcher. The latter launcher will catch on to your customs and will neatly help you organize your smartphone. Something else that is cool about this launcher is the fact that with a simple finger gesture you can draw the 1st letter of an application you are looking for directly onto the screen. Then you should see a whole list of apps that begin with letter you have selected. If you want to enable a certain app, simply click on it.

Top Android Launchers for 2015 2

  1. ADW Launcher 

A pretty handy launcher which will grant users full control over their smartphone. It can support a whole range of fancy skins and themes and you can play around with several features of your Gmail account for instance or any other desktop markers you might have.

  1. EverythingMe Launcher 

EverythingMe launcher is one that will satisfy your needs completely. According to the masterminds behind this neat launcher, the algorithms are mixed up in such a way that they will pinpoint actual life moments. This will aid the launcher to know exactly what the user is up to. It has a pretty minimalist design, but it is packed with apps which will come in handy at any given moment of the day.

  1. Yahoo Aviate Launcher 

Yahoo has recurred to several desperate acts and stratagems to regain some of its long lost reputation. So, the newest “gimmick” they came up with is the Yahoo Aviate Launcher, which in fact is a pretty interesting Android launcher. Based on your specific location and your day-to-day schedule, the latter launcher can organize everything for you. So, if you’re in a hurry to get to work every morning at 8 a.m. the launcher will offer you the best traffic routes. They’ve also nailed it with the design of the launcher as well

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