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Top 5 alternatives to Bluestacks android emulator – Run android apps without bluestacks in PC

Top 5 alternatives to Bluestacks android emulator, Run android apps without bluestacks in Windows PC: While the android OS is getting better and advanced each day, a new world is attempting to bloom in the technology field and it’s “the uprise of Android emulators”. Although, most of the people are proud owners of android smartphones but still android emulators have made its own world. As earlier I wrote about how to play android apps in Windows PC-Bluestack. Now, I’m gonna share some top best alternatives to Bluestack Android Emulator in this article. You can now run android apps without Bluestacks in Windows PC.


Bluestack, the first android emulator, designed by developers in Silicon Valley, has given a platform for many users to play android apps on PC. It has been quite a successful journey for Bluestack till date but now people are searching for new alternatives to Bluestacks. Since Bluestack is a heavy software and needs high end PC configuration, so you can opt for these alternatives.

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Best alternatives to Bluestacks android emulator:

1. YouWave Emulator

Perhaps, if you are looking for a lighter or sophisticated alternative of Bluestack then YouWave android emulator is the best choice. It has enhanced environment and interface. Th only thing to worry is it is a paid version and is not available free of cost.

Top Best alternatives to Bluestacks android emulator

Features Of YouWave Android Emulator:

  • Runs android apps and games successfully.
  • Possibility to transfer images easily.
  • Have a key feature of multiplayer Gaming.
  • Simulation of SD card is possible.
  • You can switch from portrait to landscape mode through dynamic rotation.

Download YouWave Android Emulator from here.

2. Android SDK Emulator

If you are searching for a real emulator with unlimited deals then you must go for Android SDK. It is a google’s product which lets you test android apps and experiment with it. It is ideal for developers and who want to explore something new.

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Top Best alternatives to Bluestacks android emulator

Features of Android SDK Emulator:

  • Flexible interface, ideal for developers.
  • It is a set of tools + an emulator package.
  • New utilities and apps.
  • Simple and light software.

Download Android SDK Emulator from here.

3. Android for PC Emulator

As the name says, this emulator is just made for PC. It is Oracle VM virtual box that enable to play Google OS on Windows.  The installation procedure is bit tricky as you need a bootable CD to install it.

Download bluestack offline installer to run apps smoothly

Top Best alternatives to Bluestacks android emulator

Features of Android for PC Emulator:

  • Possibility to adjust options and customize appearance.
  • It is one of the lightest emulator.
  • Features all android apps.
  • Ideal for advanced users.

Download Android for PC Emulator from here.

4. WindowsAndroid Emulator

WindowsAndroid is one the favorite emulator for most of the users. It offers the same things as android but in a lot simpler way. It has a stable, speedy and smoother environment.

Top Best alternatives to Bluestacks android emulator

Features of WindowsAndroid Emulator:

  • Simpler, stable and speedy environment.
  • Ideal for low end configuration system.
  • Amazing performance and simple interface.

Download WindowsAndroid Emulator from here.

5. Jar Of Beans Emulator

 Jar Of Beans is an Android Jelly Beans (4.1.1) Emulator. It has wide varieties of apps and can run them easily. It is one of the best alternative to Bluestacks.

Top Best alternatives to Bluestacks android emulator

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Features of Jar Of Beans Emulator:

  • Portable for Windows.
  • Arm compatibility Apps.
  • Wide variety of Apps.
  • Ideal alternative to Bluestacks Emulator.

Download Jar OF Beans Emulator from here.

NOTE: The Jar of Beans official team has stopped their further support. So, I have shared the link of a website which is still serving its download file.

Run android apps without bluestacks in PC

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These were the top 5 or best alternatives to Bluestacks Android Emulator. You can use any of them to run android apps without Bluestack in PC. If you like this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Thank you. 🙂

Ayan Das is one of the owner and creative head of . He is a part time writer, keen blogger and an occasional website designer. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. He is a tech lover and always fond of learning new things.


  1. how can we install the apps in windows android emulater?
    i have installed the emulater but i am unable to install the android apps? even i didnt find the android market app in the emulater, please help me as soon as possible
    Thank you in advance.

    • Satish, Sorry for the late reply. WindowsAndroid has an easy interface to install apps and is one of the best alternatives to Bluestacks. There are two ways to install apps in WindowsAndroid emulator:

      1. You can side-load apps by placing the APK files in the windowsandroid file directory i.e. \SocketeQ\windowsandroid_root\data\app directory and then restarting the program.
      #NOTE: But I found that loading some apps in that directory caused WindowsAndroid to crash on startup.

      2. You can also sort of install the Google Play Store by downloading the latest gApps package for Android 4.0, unzipping it, and copying the contents to the appropriate folders in \SocketeQ\windowsandroid_root\system.

      STEPS to install Gapps:

      1. Download gapps for ICS from the link. –
      2. Unzip the gapps.
      3. Find the system folder that was unzipped, then go into the apps folder. Copy all of the apks
      4. Go to C:\SocketeQ\windowsandroid_root\system\apps
      5. Paste all of the apks in that directory.
      6. Restart Windowsandroid
      7. Enjoy gapps.

      #NOTE: You will now be able to add a Google account and get into Google Play but there is not really anything in the Play Store at this time as the vast majority of Android apps in the Play Store will show up as incompatible with your device — and I had trouble getting any apps that are compatible to install properly. So, try downloading the latest version of apps. There have been reports that, this may not work on AMD processors. Intel seem to work just fine.

      I hope this information would help you. Thank You for your visit. 🙂

  2. Since, eMachines are also low end PCs, therefore, I would recommend “Android SDK Emulator” for the same. You can also opt for “WindowsAndroid Emulator”. It also works fine in low specs.

  3. These are some great alternatives to BlueStacks Android emulator, but still BlueStacks is the best software out there to run Android apps on computer. I have used YouWave and the emulator that comes with Android Software Development Kit. These two are good, and best as BlueStacks alternatives. Thanks for sharing about these alternatives, Ayan.

    • Yes… Bluestack is best but now…… it ask to either install their sponsors apps oe pay $2 monthly…. @24/PC/Yearly…..

      So its not freee now… wither pay or download junk to use it free…..

  4. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely smartly written article.
    I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to learn more of your useful info.

    Thanks for the post. I will certainly return.

  5. Hii Naman, Yeah!! I surely agree. You wave is one of the best android emulator. But the only drawback is that it is not available for free.

  6. How to use jar of bean android I want to play a game named as clash of clans,but I am unable to install it. So please help

  7. can I install clash of clan game using android sdk emulator… And if not then which emulator would be suitable( I have 4 gb ram,2.6 ghz dual core processor,256 mb inbuilt ram and asus motherboard)… Please help

  8. My PC has only 2GB RAM and no Graphics Cards, so I can’t use the latest version of BlueStacks so I installed an older version. Now it is creative severe problems, slowing down my PC. Which one from the above will be the best for me?

  9. hi ayan, i wanted to known how to use internet in android sdk because when i start internet in it it shows net is not connected ,but my pc is connected to it

    • Hi Prafful, It is because an emulator could not utilize the internet resources at the maximum extent. Try to use other browser in the SDK emulator. Prefer using Google Chrome and check if it works.

  10. bro i have a old pentim d 805 processor and 1gb ddr2 ram and a 128mb graphics card .can i install youwave on it?if not then recomnd best one for dis confrigration

        • Make sure in your system variables that the Path variable is set to the directory where your sdk tools are installed. For Win 7 / Vista, right click my computer, click properties, click advanced system settings on left, go to the advanced tab, At the bottom of that tab click Environment Variables, in the System variables make sure there is a Path variable and it points to your SDK tools folder. If there is already a directory listed, place a semi colon at the end and at the directory (e.g. C:\android sdk\google\platform-tools;C:\android sdk\google\tools)

          For Windows 8, Press the Windows button and Search for android.bat(in the search programs and files text field)
          Then copy the file to your android SDK folder (C:\Users\Ayan\Documents\Computer Science – YEAR 2\Android App Development\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130917\sdk\tools\).
          After that don’t run SDK manager but run the android.bat file.

          Hope this helps!! 🙂

  11. can someone suggest the best suitable android emulator from the above for running the following Google Play Store Application ?

    1. Message Hub
    2. The Table
    3. LWB Message

  12. Hi Ayan,
    Your article is very helpful.Thanks for that.

    I am in requirement of Android emulator with ‘sd card size of more than 10 GB’. The purpose is that my study content is 9 GB and can be played only in institute’s android app. I tried with increasing the sd card size in Bluestacks and it didnot worked. So, I request you to give info abt the readymade emulator with sd card size of > 10 GB.

    Also, suggest one emulator and say where to store the content in PC files so that it appears in the sd card of emulator

    Thank you


    • Hi Rupesh. I suggest you should try Android SDK emulator. It is an ideal emulator for developers, so you can use it at your will. You could also try modded (rooted) version of Bluestacks. It could also allow you to increase the sd card size.

    • Hi buddy!! Bluestacks have now modified their services. It is not available for free now. It either asks for dollar or prompts you to download an app daily. If you want to use it for free then bluestacks will download an app daily on its own.

  13. I installed 3. Android for PC Emulator by Eazel and I want to uninstall it but I can’t seem to figure out where it’s installation directory is. I accidentally installed it twice and now 4gb of memory is being wasted because of it’s convoluted installation system and unclear directory.

    If you can help me to uninstall this I would be extremely grateful. Thank you.

    • You can still use Bluestacks. Its just that the downloading of apps will work in the background each day. I am also using Bluestacks in my PC. If still you do not want it then you can go for android for pc emulator or SDK android emulator.

  14. I am install the bluestacks bt there are no work. when open bluestacks and show the black screen. please help.

  15. brother i have 1gb ram 2.8ghz and built in graphic card,,, i have installed windows android and it is giving an error while execution THE PROCEDURE ENTRY POINT GETTICKCOUNT64 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll ,,,,, what should i do now …THX in ADv,,,, and what other emulator should be best accord. to my PC requirements,,, TYSM

  16. hey,,i m using windows android emulator…it’s install my note book success fully..but while i m try to open it ,,than it’s seems an error,,it’s says my open gl is too low…solve this proableam man..

  17. hi ayan, my pc do not hv any graphics card a
    nd it is dual core…due to which bluestack is not working on my pc so i request u to suggest me one which will work on my pc with low specification s…

  18. I like to play Legends at War (Online Game) in Samsung Galaxi Tab 3 Lite. Coz the battery is Unremovable, and I won’t it broken, I try play it in my laptop use bluestack. I download Legend at War using google play in bluestack.
    The bluestack can download it but can’t play it.
    My Laptop is Compac Presario CQ42
    The system is:
    Processor : Intel core i3 2,27 GHz
    Ram : 1 GB, I change to 4 GB
    System Type :32 bit
    My request:
    can you give me the suitable andriod emulator that compatible with my laptop and must can play Legend at War? Sorry my English is bad….(^_^) {Thanks}

  19. am running xp sp2..hav 512mb ram, half a gb processor……its a pc….wch android emulator is best pls help….thnkx n advance……f i can get 1 wch i can run whatsapp already having it as an apk file without shopping online like in bluestacks

  20. I cannot connect whatsapp to the internet on bluestacks nor youwave. hence i cannot register an account for whatsapp though internet can be accessed from the browsers on the emulators

    • Please check that your firewall is not blocking Bluestacks from connecting to internet. Disable your antivirus or windows firewall then try again. When you will run whatsapp the second time, it will work fine with your anti virus on. Also make sure that you have good internet connection. As Bluestacks is in beta phase, so it has many bugs. Hence, it needs fast internet to work properly.

  21. blue stacks isn’t working for me i have 2GB ram and when i try to click on anything it just freezes but not shows that it is in responsive

    • Bluestacks is a heavy software. So, it would freeze on 2 GB RAM. Whenever it freezes, go to taskbar icons. Click on Bluestacks icon and choose restart. You can also opt for the alternatives of Bluestacks.

        • Try this trick. If it does not work then go for some Bluestacks alternatives.
          Follow the below steps:
          1. Open C:// Drive>>ProgramData
          (It is ProgramData not Program files. By default, ProgramData folder is hidden. So, just check the option to view Hidden files and folders).
          2. Now, find the “Bluestacks” Folder and Right Click on that folder.
          3. Then, Select Properties.
          4. You will found a “Security” tab, click on the “Edit” Option.
          5. Select “Users”. Now, set Permission for Users. Select “Full Control” and “Check mark the box Allow” Option.
          That’s it you’re done. Open Bluestacks now.

  22. Hi there a very nice and active post.

    I had a question i downloaded bluestacks on my windows 7 and tried a few apps they worked fine however i downloaded it to play a certain game known as ‘spartan wars’ the game downloads fine but never loads and gives an error can u maybe help withd at issue dats why i’ve been searching for alternatives to bluestack in the first place.

  23. I tried to download Jar of beans, but after being redirected to the TPthings blog and then to the original link I got an error 404. Please tell me an alternative link I can use to download it. Also, which of the following (except bluestacks) supports Clash of clans could you please tell?

    • Sorry for the inconvenience, Saumya. Jar Of Beans have stopped their further support. Therefore, the download link was removed from the page. Though, I have found a website which is still serving the download link of Jar Of Beans emulator. To download it, go to this link:!2dQTzDyb!fya4nFnqr9E-q6IDCIGPBg

      If you want to use another emulator then you can choose Android SDK emulator.

  24. Great Article. I bought an app on my android account from google play store and I am trying to find out how to play this paid for game. I have bluestacks but i cant seem to get it to play. i have the game but it tells me to buy it unlock the full version still. Its magic duels of the planeswalkers 2015. Any help would be appreciated. Is there an app that lets me log into my android account and play and use apps i have bought?

    • Synchronize Bluestacks with your android gmail account. It would synchronize all your settings, even your paid game, then you would be able to play it on Bluestacks. 🙂

  25. Ok I am going to say it…. I have a huge system… Full of memory and all the bells and whistles…. However I am not sure what is the BEST solution to a Bluestacks alternative. I want to play games (not really but I have the black-screen even after all the fixes). I see if I had a slow system but not a fast one. What is the best really best) thing if I cant use Bluestacks?


    • Yes, absolutely… Anon. I totally agree with you. Andy is one of the best emulator. Actually, I wrote this article before Andy got popular and also it needs at least 3 GB RAM, therefore, I haven’t listed it here.
      Thanks for your informative comment. 🙂

    • Hii Hamza, this error mostly comes in Windows XP. Windows Android emulator is not compatible with Windows XP. So, upgrade it to windows 7 and then try installing it.

  26. I installed windowsandroid and then I pasted the gapps in the folder as per your directions, but when I open the Market, it opens and closes the market at the same time and wont let me install whatsapp… tell me what to do?

    • its working now. But when I try to install whatsapp, it says your device is not compatible with whatsapp… When I download apk and paste it in the folder, it crashes windowsandroid application.

      • Please make sure that you are trying to install the latest version of Whatsapp. This error comes when you try to install outdated version of Whatsapp.

  27. Hi Ayan,I am looking for the such emulators in which I can test my application by choosing the different different device and android versions.Please let me know if you have any idea for the same.Currently am working on GenyMotion.

  28. Hi, im a hard player, but bluestacks don work for me, so i use Genymotion. Its the best for gaming, specially with online mmo(they dont work on bluestacks and the others)

  29. can I install both youwave and bluestacks on my laptop windows 7 . I already have bluestacks but want to run whatsapp on another number diff from the wahtsapp installed in bluestacks

    • Hi. I wanted to run pics-art app on my pc. I am using blustacks. Bt it won’t install and shows memory problems. I have 2gb ram ,no graphics card. Is it possible to run this app with bluestack or any other softwares?

  30. Hi, i have been using Bluestacks for a while.. Last day, i had to re-install my laptop (Windows 7). After re-installation, I tried to use bluestacks.. But its not working. Bluestacks opens up, but doesnt work. After sometime,it shows “Not Responding”. When i try to close it, they ask if i need to check online for a solution, and then say “Bluestacks Frontend is not responding”. Also at the bottom of the close prompt, there is an option to “View Problem Details”.This is what they show when i clicked it.

    A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
    Application Name: HD-Frontend.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 537cc72e
    Hang Signature: e648
    Hang Type: 261
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Hang Signature 1: e6489f81f83b370e261003ff2c166bd6
    Additional Hang Signature 2: c247
    Additional Hang Signature 3: c2475d43cf3de53800b2148f9fb926ee
    Additional Hang Signature 4: a824
    Additional Hang Signature 5: a824cc720363bd1281927f9dda6ba57f
    Additional Hang Signature 6: c177
    Additional Hang Signature 7: c17722812800232ff9db9fe731a4f438

    Please help me find a solution.. I just want to use Whatsapp !!
    Thanks in advance..

  31. Hello, having just 1gb of ram and blustacks installs very well,,but any time l tried to run the program then my Pc becomes very slow’ ”’memory bar rises above 90%”’and the fact is l love bluestacks…l tried emulators but they are also very slow like the bluestucks can you help me out please…??am using Hp compaq with 2 GHZ

  32. hi ayan, when i installed bluestacks on my pc and when i tried to play any game or any app,a dialog box came in which it was written that market not found… please help me

  33. ayan ur amazing, thnx fr d info (sorry fr my chatting language)
    in andy emulator when i switch it on it says: andy.exe is missing, after that i was looking for other emulators then i thought u might have a solution to it. thnx again!!

  34. dude windowsandroid takes 2 hrs to turn wifi on, what to do still cannot turn wifi on, my system is having 2gb ram 3.2ghz i5 processor

  35. Hi Ayan , I am unable to install bluestacks as I am having HP mini laptop, RAM of 1 GB please provide other alternatives so I can use it on my mini laptop. Please provide me a download link.

  36. Hi, i have installed andy emulator. But when i try to run it shows “andy.exe” is missing ; reinstall.
    I have tried reinstalling, but the problem still occurs. Is there any solutions?

  37. Dear Ayan i have done all of the bluestacks and also of whatsapp but i can,t make the call and it goes down the speed of my system i am using 2.2 core tow dou with 2 gb ram please solve my prob

    • Hello Imran, make sure you have fast speed internet connection and high end system specs to make a call via Bluestacks. Use Line or Wechat to make audio calls from Bluestacks.

  38. Hello Ayan,
    I have download Jar Of Beans (Android Emulator)v4.8.2 and try to use in my office pc. but its not connecting please advise how i can use this and how to connect this to internet as it show the msg when i try apps store or youtube ect , internet connection error.

    • Hello Akmal, there are some issues with Jar Of Beans emulator. It’s official team has stopped working for it. I would suggest you to try some other alternatives. Try Genymotion or Android for PC emulator.

  39. i downloaded youwave but none of the games was being downloading except whatsapp. when i am starting to download any app the downloading automatically gets paused. on resuming also its gets paused… please help me fast because youwave is only for 10 days. today is my first day

  40. i ve downloaded android sdk now i don’t know how to install this software .. plz give instruction to install and i m huge fan of clash of clans , how to install clash of clansa in android sdk

  41. hello, i m using my laptop of dell vostro 1014 intel core 2 duo
    i want to know which one of free emulator is best for me which can runs whattsapp, facebook messenger and some game very fast and smooth

  42. Hey bro, I downloaded and installed the WindowsAndriodEmulator, everything was okay, the apps that came with it worked well. Now I tried installing whatsapp, that’s after installing the GApps apks as you explained on earlier comments…. On searching for Whatsapp, I got a notice from G-Play that the application (being Whatsapp) isnt compatible with the device (being the Emulator, I guess). What do I do?
    Then I downloaded the apk straight from Whatsapp’s webpage, installed and copied it to the /system directory, it did show up on app screen but refused to work, just a blank screen and then a crash (app_process.exe has stopped working). How do I fix that?
    Thirdly, I noticed apps get automatically installed /data directory, which always result to a crash. Thanks…

    • You do need to paste it in the directory folder. Open the Whatsapp apk file via Bluestacks apk-handler.exe. It will install it automatically.

  43. i hv a bluestack, it installed and work well but when i play game its screen display black only audio i can hear. my Intel graphic card is updated.

  44. hi dude, i have bluestacks installed in my system and i want to install ” guardian of the skies”.

    I downloaded its apk file and tried to install it but it shows “installation failed container error”.what could be the possible flaws?
    Also I want to know that cannot I download it from google play store? If yes then how??

    Thanks in advance for your time and cooperation.

  45. i love clash of clan and using bluestacks but everyday bluestack ask me for install their sponsor.. if i use windows android emulator that problem will clear right?
    clash of clans also need update and will windows android emulator show that update or not?
    thx in advance

  46. currently i am using bluestack and playing game ”hay day” now please tell my how can i syncronize this game performance with my phone? please email me.

  47. My question is different from others that Does apps installed from bluestacks increase the total number of installs of any particular app on google play store?
    My concern is with the google data about the total downloads/installs of an app…

  48. Nice list. What You think about AndyOs? I’ve tryed bluestack and it freezes my PC, and windroy won’t install any apk

      • Hi
        Do u have any idea about Whatsremote?
        if u, please help me.
        i have rooted my Blustacks app and i have installed the Whatsremote but its nt getting registered. its loading for long time and remains same.

        • As you know Whatsremote only runs on rooted phone. So, there are chances of complications in the installation. If you want to use Whatsapp on your system then I would suggest you to use Wassapp.

  49. hey I see a lot of good options here and you reply to everyone’s comments so i thought id ask which one is the best to play clash of clans and other android games. Youwave is not an option since I don’t want to pay. my hp has an AMD 10 with Radeon HD 2.30 GHz, 5.47 usable RAM, 64-bit windows 7.

  50. I’ve installed Bitdefender in my PC So I cannot install bluestacks as it says bluestacks doesnt install on PCs with bitdefender. Is it possible to install Bluestacks without removing Bitdefender???

  51. I Tried blue stacks. It did the famous “Blue Screen of Death” that i have not seing for the last 4 years in my PC. So i uninstaleed it. And I came to this article. I also Tried Android SDK Emulator. Too slow for AMD processors (without HAX /VT stuff). I have AMD FX 8350 4.00 GHz (Vishera), 16 GB RAM, Windows 7 64 bits, Geforce GTX 780 (3 GB). I think this errors and performance problems are caused by the lack of AMD processors support or something like that. Still trying to find the best Android Emulator to just play Clash of Clans.

    • You have sufficiently high PC configuration for any emulator. I don’t think you should face any problem. Nevertheless, you should try Andy emulator. It is one of the best emulator. I would prefer it more than Bluestacks if I have a good spec system.

  52. hi ayan, I have
    machine: acer – aod255e
    os: win 8 pro with media center(32-bit)
    memory: 2gb
    processor: intel atom cpu n455 @ 1.66ghz
    motherboard: acer – je02_pt_e
    I tried bluestacks new and old versions, youwave, windowsandroid, but can’t run any.
    could it be my netbook since it was made for simple opps. if there are any alternatives let me know and I want safe acts that won’t harm my netbook.wassapp registration is not working too. thanks.

  53. Actually i have tired bluestacks and windroy they installed correctly but not working, please tell me what to do??

  54. hyr bro.. I have 32bit OS pc and only 1 GB ram please tell which emulator can i use.and also don`t have graphic card help me..


  56. I have 1gb ram and Intel Atom Processor 1.66GHz
    What is the Best Android Emulator for me?

    I don’t want android SDK

    • Just download the apk file in your system.The Bluestacks apk handler will automatically install it once you click on it. Then, open Bluestacks and run the app.

  57. sir my following pc config is as follows:-
    1-pentium 4 1.87ghz processor
    2-1 gb ram
    3-windows xp sp2

    so my ques. is which emulator is suitable for my pc android sdk or and. for pc or genymotion ?

  58. i have 4 gb of ram but instead of this my bluestack get stuck.. i uses watsapp on bluestack most of time..
    so whats the problem behind this…one thing i noticed is that my ram shows 85% full….so how to fix these
    problem…ang how to setup my bluestack to consume low ram….

    so pls give me any idea or solution to fix this

    • YOU can use any of the above emulators. But Youwave emulator is not available for free. I would suggest you to try Andy emulator or Genymotion. They are good emulators for a system like yours.

  59. Hello Ayan,
    Thank you for your great contribution!

    I’m interested in a different emulator other than BlueStacks to run WhatsApp, and only WhatsApp.
    I was using WhatsApp in Windows XP, but this one didn’t play videos at all.
    I asked BlueStacks team what to do and they recommended to install the latest version.
    The new version gave me, after few minutes of use, an emulator with black screen.
    BlueStacks team wasn’t of any help, but after researching in other blogs and forums I finally made my way to get BS running, installing WhatsApp, running WhatsApp and playing videos in WhatsApp.
    The problem is now that after few minutes using WhatsApp, I got total black screen in the entire desktop, but PC still running. No mouse, no keyboard, nothing. Restart the PC is the only solution to continue.
    So, I want to get rid of BlueStacks at once, which seems to me the culprit.

    Which free version of the emulators available, to run WhatsApp (that plays videos that people share with me through it) would be the best for my PC in your opinion?

    I have:
    Microsoft Windows XP pRO 2002 Service Pack 3
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q600 2.40Ghz
    2.39Ghz 2.00 GB RAM

    Please find in this links more about my config:

    Thank you very much!

  60. Can i download games from app store from pc and play on WindowsAndroid Emulator.
    Which version of games can i play in WindowsAndroid Emulator.

    • Yes, you can. It would depend on your system’s hardware configuration to play a game in Windows Android Emulator. Although, if you have a good system, you can play any game compatible to it.

  61. i installed bluestacks on my pc and after using it a week ago.. i noticed that my pc is slowing because of bluestacks what should i do ? so my pc will work smoothly again (sorry for my bad english) XD
    by the way my pc is pentuim r dual core
    2gb ram
    and windows xp

    • Bluestacks is a heavy software, so it would slow down your PC. You can use third party software to increase the performance of your system but I don’t think that would be much help. So, if you want to increase the performance, I would advice you to upgrade your system in hardware level.

    • Clash Of Clans needs high end pc configuration to run properly. So, it depends on your system. There is not much help with the emulator.

  62. Hi Ayan,
    My PC is configured with 1gb ram,2.93 Ghz processor.
    Please tell me which emulator or software should I use so that I can Access whatsapp easily.
    My main purpose is to use only whatsapp on my pc.
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Prashant, Android for PC emulator would be an ideal choice for you but I am worried you wont be able to play COC with this too. You need to upgrade your hardware specs i.e. at least 4 GB RAM.

  63. can i use genymotion with 1gb ram plz reply fassst i want to play coc soooo bad but i cant afford a tablet 🙁 plz help

    • Well, I don’t think you could play COC on any emulator with 1 GB RAM. You need a high end system configuration to play COC in your system.

    • Well, I don’t think you could play COC on any emulator with 1 GB RAM. You need a high end system configuration to play COC in your system.

  64. which emulater should i use? for windows xp with 1.96 gb ram and 3.2 ghs processor . In bulestark my pc show for downloading dotnet version 2, but i cant download it

    • You can use Android for PC emulator but I would suggest you to install dotnet in your PC as it would help you configure many other softwares too.

  65. Hi ayan …..plz tell me why Android SDK Emulator is not downloading on my’s says error while downloading……..i am using sony vaio and i have windows vista plz help me.

  66. Sir My Computer has following configuration

    1 – Windows XP SP3
    2 – Pentium 4 processor
    3 – 1 gb RAM

    And I Tried ‘Windroy’ (Windows Android Emulator) but it doesnt work as it shows the mwssage given below –
    “The procedure entry point GetTickCount64 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll”

    I also tried Android SDK Emulator but it hangs What can I do Please Help me?????

  67. hi i have guardians of skies installed on my pc i,m having problems with the controls i can’t tilt the planee or move the plane


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