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TOP 5: Best torrific alternative websites.

Best torrific alternatives websites: well I hope you all have heard about, if not let me introduce it is used for downloading torrents without any client. Means if you have URL of torrent file that just paste it in torrific and it will download it for you free or you can search any torrent file and download it through torrific. Peer-to-peer file sharing with option to download resuming makes torrific ahead of others.
Unfortunately this site is not with us now..just kidding.
With closing of torrific most of us are looking for some alternative websites that give best feautures. So here I am sharing with you some of the best alternatives of torrific.

Here is my list of top 5 torrific alternatives websites.

Just go through them these are best and gives most of the features of torrific.

ZBIGZ: well it doesn’t matter you visit how many sites to look for best torrific alternatives. Zbigz will be the best alternative always. Of course it will be number in list of top 5 torrific alternatives. It is used to download or access large number of torrents like books, softwares apart from videos and music. Best thing about Zbigz is that its simple and simple to use platform. Just need to copy the torrent and paste it in Zbibz box and click go. You can us it as an alternative if torrent is not available near you. Biggest advantage is that it keeps your identity secret. If you are using bit torrent then your downloads and activity are not kept secret.

PUT.IO: second best alternative of torrific in our list of top 5 torrific alternative websites. It is one of the fastest way to download torrent data. No need of any external tools . Gives its users cloud service so that they can download files from any device connected through internet. It follows your RSS feeds to store audios, videos. You can sync your account with But for this you have to spend some pennies. For a minimum amount of 1$ you can get all these services. Along with you will get 50 GB of bandwidth. There is premium membership in which you get full services. In this you can watch DivX movies without downloading. So, after going through this you can assume it is also one of the best torrific alternative website.

FURK.NET: number 3 in list of top 5 torrific alternative websites. Best suited for those having slow internet connection. It gives you direct download of torrent files without any other applications. It also one of the best downloader for smartphones. Like it is also paid but there is option for free users also. Difference is, free users can download files up to 700 MB and premium users can download unlimited files along with download managers. This best torrific alternative can stream video through media players like VLC, Real player etc.

BITLET.ORG: again this is also one of the best torrent alternative website. It is a free downloader. It works similar to Zbigz. You just need to open paste your torrent magnet and start your downloading. Alternatively if you have the torrent file just upload it or click select local torrent. It will automatically download this file for you. So is a must in our list. Make sure that you have java plugin installed in your browser otherwise bitlet will not work in your browser.

BOXOPUS.COM last but not least. yes, it’s among the best torrific alternatives websites. Best thing is that you link your Dropbox account with boxopus. So no need to use torrent client just download directly to dropbox.

Definitely torrific is the best site but list that we have given also have some good alternatives. Hope you all like this post on best torrific alternative do share your views with us.

Rishabh Pant is a passionate writer and blogger. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. In his free time, he loves to watch movies and play PC games.


  1. Hi Rishabh!
    Best Torrific alternatives. Thank you for this information. I don’t like . This company does not give free account.


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