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Top 4 Apps That You Can’t Put Down

It is undoubtedly the case that the world is saturated with annoyingly addictive apps! Almost too fun for words, they get under your skin and devour your time – but you love every second of it!

Addictive apps take the edge off and numb you to the stresses and strains of another day at the office. So it’s all good.

Whether you are a fan of fun online casino sites like, or you prefer sifting through possible spouses on Tinder on your daily rush-hour commute, you have probably got at least a few special apps in your life that you just can’t put down.

Without further ado, here is our list of the 4 most addictive apps that you just can’t put down! Enjoy.


Tinder – If it’s love you’re after, you’ve come to the right place! Tinder has all sorts of people on it. Whatever your ‘type’, you can find many versions of it grinning or pouting up at you from inside your phone. Swipe right for the people that tickle your fancy, swipe left for the people that leave you cold. It’s that simple! It’s also fun to swipe left for the really attractive people that you don’t believe you could actually get – “ha, take that, I’m the boss now!” Tinder is so addictive it has surely cost people their jobs, homes and families!

Crossing Road – This zany app lets you…… cross the road. What out for trucks tho, or you might go “splat”! Don’t drown in that river!! Keep crossing more and more treacherous roads, becoming better and better at it until you become the ‘World’s Best Road Crosser’ – surely a title everybody’s dreamed of winning at some stage or other. Needless to say this app is crazy addictive!

Top 4 Apps That You Can't Put Down

QuizupItunes says this is “the biggest trivia game in the world”, and trivia is super-addictive as every (man) knows. You can go head-to-head with friends or random strangers, flexing your trivia-muscles for everyone to see, winning hearts and minds with your extensive knowledge of capital cities, beaten World Cup semi-finalists and, of course, Harry Potter factoids. Mega-awesome, but beware…….. It’s more addictive than heroin.

1010! – If dropping digital blocks onto lines of other digital blocks and destroying them in order to prevent them from filling up the whole screen is your thing, then you will love 1010! What out tho, you might get hooked!



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