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Top 3 Apps To Retrieve Control Of Your Finances

In this day and age, keeping track of your finances can be tricky and sticking to a budget seems like a task fit only for the members of Mensa. Whether you’ve been enjoying a few too many down at the pub, frequenting Mr Green Casino or if you’re just having a hard time keeping track of everything, budgeting apps are a Millennial must. So I’ve put together a list of the top three financial planning apps out there that will hopefully end in a cheeky holiday to Majorca and a much needed unburdening of stress.

First up is Spendbook ($1.99) for iOS which provides its users with an elegant and fuss-free interface to track their expenses. Users can easily add in any new income or expense transactions with a quick swipe, whilst the app takes care of tracking the amount and adding in the date of the transaction. Users can add photos of receipts of items purchased, as well as categorize the type of expense or income source. Subcategories help tag small transactions such as transport costs for buses, trains and taxis which can really add up by the end of the month. Helpful charts and infographics are available to view as well as a daily or monthly summary of expenses.

Wally (free) for both iOS and Android users alike is a personal finance app that aims to bring its users all of their financial information into clear view so that they can easily take control and see what’s going on. One of my favourite features in this app is the ability for users to input a savings target, spending budget and income on a readily accessible reference on the main screen. Additional features include social and location tools for your expenses, allowing you to keep track of not only where and what you spend your money on but also with who.

Last but not least, Home Budget Manager ($2.99) available for Android and iOS is a great little app for family budgeting. The app has a neat family sharing feature that allows users to easily set a budget and then sync income and expenses between multiple devices so the whole household can be kept up to date, making it easier to coordinate your bills and expenses. With the help of easy to read charts, infographics and itemised lists of purchases, users can easily track and learn about their spending habits.

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So there you have it, a list of top class financial planning apps that will see you sun-kissed and sipping Pina Coladas in no time.



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