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Top 10 Android Applications That You Should Use On A Road Trip

It is summer and this is the best time to go on a road trip with your family or friends. Road trips can be quite fun, but nowadays, with the new Android applications, your adventures can get even better.

Today, we’re going to talk about the Top 10 Android applications that you should definitely install on your smartphone.


Hotwire is an application that allows you to look for a Hotel that’s nearby. You will be able to make reservations right away, inside the application and even get some great deals. The application is pretty awesome and it allows you to rent a car or make a flight reservation.

Google Maps

We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of Google Maps before. It is one of the most used applications for GPS tracking and for getting directions. If you enable the voice feature, you will be guided by a man or a female voice to your destination. The application is pretty awesome and you will be able to find all restaurants, gas stations, café bars etc. that are in your way to the destination.

The application will also detect traffic and in case it sees heavy traffic ahead, it will give you another route option to avoid the jam.


TripIt is an awesome application that should be used while travelling. The application will allow you to organize things with ease. Whether we’re talking about a hotel reservation or a flight confirmation, TripIt will bring all the information to one place, just for you. This way, you won’t have to check your email for things that like this. You will just need to forward the confirmation emails to and the application will create a detailed itinerary for every trip.

Field Trip

Field Trip

Field Trip is an awesome application that will point historical places that are found on your route. This way, you will know that you have something to visit and you’re about to get there soon enough. Using the Field Trip application, you will no longer miss any awesome location that you pass by in your road trip.

Google Now

Not many know, but the Google Now application can be quite useful in a road trip. For example, in case you are in a foreign country, the application will pull out a card, allowing you to see the currency rate. At the same time, in case you are in another time-zone, it will also show the current time that is in your country.


GasBuddy is an application that should be installed by everyone who plans to go on a trip. Using this application, you will be able to see if there are gas stations nearby and where is the cheapest price. This way, you will be able to save some money, allowing you to buy yourself something nice.

Google Play Music

In case you’ve decided to go on a road trip, then you will surely need loads of songs. We suggest you to download your playlist from Google Play Music and this is mostly because you will probably lose the signal while you’re driving in an area with no 3G coverage, and you will surely don’t want your music to stop all a sudden.

Spotify Music

Spotify Music is a great alternative for Google Play Music. We’re pretty sure that once you will use it on your smartphone, you will most likely install it on all your Android devices. You will be able to download music for offline listening, which is awesome, as you’re on a trip and there are big chances that you will lose signal. There is also a free version and a premium one that costs 9.99 dollars per month.

Google Photos

If you go on a road trip, you will surely want to take lots of photos. Google Photos application is going to arrange all your photos that you’ve taken in the places you’ve visited and in case you need to search for a specific picture that you’ve taken at the Eiffel Tower, you will just need to search for the Eiffel Tower and the pictures that have this object in them will be showed.

Hotel Tonight

Are you tired and want to sleep for a few hours? Well, don’t worry, because Hotel Tonight application is going to help you. The application will search for a hotel that’s nearby and has a good price. Since you’re looking for a room in the last minute, you will most likely get the best deals, as hotels will prefer to give you a room for a cheap price, instead of having it empty over the night.

While you are on a road trip, none of these 10 applications should miss from your Android device. We suggest you to install them and try them out before you hit the road, so you will know how they work.

Costea Lestoc
Costea Lestoc
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