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To Smurf Or Not To Smurf: When You Should Do It And Not

There are not many things as divisive in the gaming world as smurfing. Buying a smurf account is for some a totally normal and acceptable thing to do. While others feel like it is a violation of gamer ethics.

The truth is that not all smurf accounts are the same. So, when you should use one and when you shouldn’t highly depends on a few things. 

And we will go over some of the different scenarios as to when you might want to smurf and the reasons that it is a good idea. We will also touch on some of the times that it is not a good thing to do. Overall, though, I will stress that everybody sees this issue differently so I am not trying to convince anybody to change their mind.

Read on to find out more about using a smurf account.

Test different strategies

Many people buy LoL smurf accounts because they want a safe way to try out some different strategies. These could be together as a team , or on your own. 

The thinking is that if you were to try to do something unorthodox on your main account, the account that you have spent years getting to this point, you don’t want to take any chances. If these new strategies don’t work out, your account can suffer some serious damage.

Some people will say that you should just play a normal game, but it isn’t the same thing. You won’t learn nearly as much as you will when you play a ranked game.

Also, you want your teammates in there playing ranked as well otherwise it’s just social hour with your buddies. Which is fine, but if you need to practice then that isn’t going to cut it. 

Teach your friends how to play

Imagine trying to teach your friends how to play League of Legends on your main account. They would get smoked in no time. They wouldn’t be able to learn how to play and they would get discouraged that the games end so fast for them.

Going with a smurf account, you can show them the ropes in a much easier atmosphere against other newbies that are also learning. 

And, since you aren’t just doing it to be nice, you don’t want your friends weighing your main account down when you are in a ranked game.

It’s a lot of pressure

Let’s be honest here for a second. Once you get into higher rankings, it is not much fun. The challenge is great and the feeling of accomplishment is really nice. But, it can be very stressful. If you were to check your heart rate, it would be pretty high. And your cortisol levels through the roof.

Sometimes, you just want to play for fun and not worry about maintaining that top spot. You can play stress free since if you make some mistakes, it won’t affect your main account. 

It’s even more fun if you have a name in the game. If people know who you are, there are a lot of trolls who want to bother you just to throw you off of your game. Why they do that is a mystery, but there are some people that do find joy in making other people miserable.

You can avoid that by staying anonymous with a smurf account. And you will surely find other top players that are also using smurf accounts and play against them for a challenge. You won’t know who they are, but you will know they are not nebies right away.

Lastly, when you are using your main account, there are going to be people stealing your strategies. You need to use them wisely and only when needed. If they know who you are and what your level is then you better believe people are taking notes.

When you are on a smurf, you can use these strategies and not many people will even notice that they were planned.

When it isn’t cool

Shooting fish in a barrel is no fun at all. At least it shouldn’t be. Yet, there are some people out there that love getting a smurf just so they can play lower ranked games so they can demolish people who don’t have the same skills.

Whether it is to blow off steam from a bad match they just played with their main account or just because they love ruining somebody’s day. Those guys are not cool and are giving smurf accounts for legitimate reasons a bad name.

Of course, it can backfire, too. You may be using a smurf and build your ranking and end up on the same level of your main account. Then you come across some other smurfs who know what they are doing and end up taking your smurf out. All that time and money and it ends up gone for no reason.

There is also a blackmarket in the smurf world. Some players are using their smurfs to make money. There are low level players who will pay a smurf to throw a game so they can climb high in the rankings much faster. 

Finally, there are people who just plain love to cause trouble and often do things that will get them banned on their main account. Now, they use their smurf to do these things and don’t care if they end up with a ban. 

Developers are generally ambivalent about higher tier players using a smurf for benevolent reasons, but are actively trying to figure out a way to keep players from doing this. They acknowledge there are good reasons for a player to smurf, but fall far short of endorsing the practice. 

Could they one day ban smurf accounts because of the bad apples? It’s possible. To keep this from happening, just get a smurf for the right reasons and discourage people you know who like to use smurfs for bad behavior. 

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