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The Official GTA 6 Trailer Gathers More Views Than the GTA 5 Trailer Did in 12 Years – Watch NOW

The official GTA 6 trailer was finally published by the guys from Rockstar Games a few days ago, putting an end to the unbearable wait of the fans. The internet went wild, as people didn’t stop uploading reaction videos about the long-awaited trailer. If we had any doubts before that GTA 6 is the most anticipated game in history, those are completely gone once we take a peek at the astronomical amount of views the official trailer has.

Rockstar also confirmed a few of the most important hunches we had about GTA 6. We now know for sure that the action of the game will take place in Vice City (meaning fictional Miami), which is great news for the fans considering the humungous success of GTA Vice City, a game that came out more than 20 years ago. We also know that GTA 6 will have two protagonist characters: a girl named Lucia and her boyfriend, whose name we don’t know for the moment.

The GTA 6 trailer gathers over 130M views in 4 days

The official GTA 6 trailer was released four days ago by Rockstar Games, and during this time, it has been watched over 131 million times. That number could represent a third of the population of the USA. If that’s not unbelievable enough, get a load of this fact: one of the first trailers for the previous game of the series, meaning GTA 5, which came out 12 years ago, has gathered fewer views – over 104 million, to be more precise. This means that in only 4 days, the official GTA 6 trailer got more views than the GTA 5 trailer did in 12 years. Yes, you’ve definitely read that right!

Feel free to check the two trailers out for yourself:

The NPCs in GTA 6 seem to be vastly superior in terms of mechanics to those in GTA 5, while the environment looks amazing and full of action. Everybody seems to do something interesting in GTA 5, and it’s also nice to see that Rockstar will give more attention to animals in its upcoming game. Lucia and her boyfriend seem to be Mexicans if we consider the skin tone and her name, and it’s pretty difficult to believe that there could be more protagonists in the highly-anticipated game.

Unfortunately, it seems that Rockstar will apply a similar policy with GTA 6 as it did in the case of its predecessor, meaning that the upcoming game will be available only for consoles for at least the first few years. It’s safe to assume that the game will work on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, although Sony and Microsoft might release brand-new consoles in a few years.

GTA 6 will come out in 2025, and at this point, there’s no other information available about a more precise date.

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