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The Most Entertaining Apps To Have On Your Smartphone

There are thousands and thousands of apps out there that could be beneficial for you to have on your smartphone. Whether you’re looking to become a great gardener or chef, there’s an app out there for you. But what about entertainment? Here are the most entertaining apps to have on your smartphone:


You’ve probably heard of TED talks. In fact, you might already be a fan. When you download the TED app, you can listen to thousands of talks on different subjects, helping you to become more motivated, happier, and creative in an instant. You can also listen to the TED hour podcast. The app has a polished look, and you can save talks to watch later on. Super entertaining and great for those who are interested in self development!

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With Showbox, you can get freemovies and TV programs to your phone. You get unlimited streaming with TV shows, however, the app is only available for Android users. If you want to take a look at other options, this site has broken down some of the best free movie apps for Android and iOS so you can make your decision.


If you’re interested in the news, Quartz is the app for you. The app gives you a headline and formats the news like a text message conversation, so you can easily digest the news in helpful little chunks. You can’t pick the types of stories you want to see yet, but it’s a feature everybody is hoping to see in the future. If you’re interested in the goings on in the world, then Quartz is definitely a download you should consider.

Attenborough’s Story Of Life

It’s going to be pretty difficult to find somebody who doesn’t think David Attenborough is great. You can learn so much from the shows he narrates, and now you can download an app to get the best bits right to your phone! You can enjoy over 1000 highlights from his documentaries. You can even search for the category you want. You could also potentially create your own collection if you’re feeling creative, which you can then share on social media.

Podcast Player

Podcast Player is free and a brilliant app for listening to just about any podcast you can think of. You can discover exciting new shows by searching for topics you’re interested in, and the app comes with plenty of other features too. The interface is very attractive and you can sync your shows across many devices


Artisto helps you to turn your videos into works of art. You can choose a video already on your phone, or you can create one within the app. You can then use a number of filters to create a great looking video, or a hot mess. Whatever you like! It’s lots of fun to play with.  

These apps are not only going to be really entertaining, many of them are going to teach you something you may not have known before. You can develop your skills with TED, learn with Attenborough, or just have some fun with Artisto and Showbox. Enjoy!

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