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‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’ Has a New Mod That Introduces a Higher FOV

When you say ‘gaming,’ one of the first titles that come into the mind is Zelda. Along with GTA, Call of Duty, Super Mario, and others, Zelda is one of the most iconic game series of all time. That’s because Zelda games usually provide immersive gameplay, exciting storylines, challenging puzzles, memorable characters, and so on.

Despite the official release of the new Zelda game exclusively for the Nintendo Switch handheld console, it is worth keeping in mind that gamers have found a way to play it on their PCs. By utilizing emulators such as Yuzu and Ryujinx, players can run the game on their computer systems. This allows them to enjoy the highly anticipated Zelda title even if they don’t have access to a Nintendo Switch. The availability of these emulators has expanded the accessibility of the game.

Modding Tears of the Kingdom will probably continue

The availability of the Tears of the Kingdom game for emulators has opened the door for modders to enhance the visuals and performance of the game itself. Wccftech brings us details about the new mods that will surely make a lot of folks curious about the game.

One notable mod introduces a higher field of view (FOV) for various camera perspectives, and this includes on-foot and on-horse cameras. Additionally, a mod called Dynamic FPS prevents the game from slowing down while it drops in frame rate. By doing so, players using both 60 FPS mods and those with less powerful systems will be benefitted.

You can get your hands on one of the mods via GameBanana. Here’s how to install it:

Right-click the game and open the mod archive
Create a folder with the name “FOV Mod” inside
Copy the romFS folder from the archive into that

Right-click the game and open atmosphere mod folder
Copy the romFS folder from the archive into that

Make sure you are using the latest Atmosphere (1.5.4 onwards)
Copy the whole folder structure from within the archive into root://atmosphere/contents on your SD card

The history of Zelda games is an incredible adventure that spans more than three decades, leaving a lasting and undeniable impact on the gaming world. It all began back in 1986 with the release of “The Legend of Zelda” for the NES console, introducing players to the brave hero Link and the enchanting land of Hyrule. These games have always pushed the boundaries of game design, taking us on epic quests filled with action, puzzles, and also unforgettable characters.

With breathtaking visuals, innovative gameplay, and mesmerizing music, Zelda games have won numerous awards and captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. It’s a legendary franchise that continues to inspire and delight gamers of all ages.

Regardless of the platform chosen by the player, Tears of the Kingdom is praised for its exceptional open-world gameplay and is highly recommended for fans and newcomers alike.

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