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The Future of VR Casino Games

Virtual reality is a three-dimensional computer-generated reality – either real or imagined, in which one can immerse oneself with the use of specialized equipment for example a VL Helmet.  The technology is amazingly advanced, and has been used by the military for training purposes.  The other major industry who dominates in the use of virtual reality software is the gaming industry.  VL allows players to participate in a completely interactive environment as though they were there in real life.  Online casinos have quickly caught onto this, and development of the first virtual reality casinos are well underway.  

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A New Frontier

With the huge number of online casinos available online, there is stiff competition between casino companies to offer something spectacular, to offer players the most interactive and realistic experience possible.  Over the last decades, the gaming experience on offer has evolved radically and what is on offer these days simply cannot compare to what was available even 20 years ago.  Technology has progressed rapidly each new breakthrough outshining the last.   Online casinos are having to stay relevant if they want to appeal to the younger tech-savvy generation, and are needing to provide a far more interactive and immersive experience in order to pique the interest of these younger players.  VR casinos have the potential to do just that.  

Already in the Offing

In fact, the first VR casino has already been launched.  SlotsMillion VR Casino was not the first company to attempt a virtual reality casino, however it was the first to do so successfully.  They partnered with Oculus Rift – the creators of one of the first VR goggles.  The goggles are cited as enhancing the overall virtual reality experience, however they are not mandatory, and players can choose to play without them if they prefer.  

Once the headset or goggles are worn, everything around you fades to black and the casino interior appears, complete with some of the best slots online, a lounge area, a bar, and authentic sounds of a casino.  Players can navigate themselves around the casino using a controller or the keyboard, as though they are actually there.  The attention to detail is amazing – complete with a stunning view of a futuristic landscape that players can see out of the floor to ceiling glass windows of the casino.  Interestingly, when the creators of SlotsMillion were developing the game, they worked closely with Maltese gaming regulators, to ensure that the very best set of regulations were applied to this new medium of online gaming.  

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Refining the Experience

SlotsMillion may have implemented the first working virtual reality casino, but they are the first to admit that they have a way to go before the experience becomes something really special.  Currently when walking through the casino, players are mainly alone, although occasionally you can pass by other players playing the game in real time.  

You cannot however interact with these other players, and that is what developers of the games are currently working on.  This is the future of VR casinos.  An interactive experience where you can connect to, and communicate with other real live players from across the world in your very own virtual reality.  Such a thing seems slightly surreal, but the casino industry is working hard to make this a reality.  



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