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The Future Of Home Gadgets – Where Will We Be In 10 Years?

Ever wondered what your home will look like in ten years time? The chances are that it will be filled with awesome gadgets and gizmos that you can’t even begin to dream of right now.

It is amazing to think where we started off fifty years ago at the dawn of technology. When you look at how it all began compared to where we are now, it is easy to see that home tech has certainly come a very long way. But where will it take us? Here are some of the most widely shared theories.


One thing that many people agree on is that there will be lots of robots in our homes by the year 2026. But they don’t mean the kind that you see on Star Wars! These robots won’t be made to look like humans. Instead, they will be designed to make our work around the house easier. There are lots of tech firms currently trying to develop devices that will be able to clean our windows, sweep our floors, and carry out minor repairs for us. There are even some of these robots currently at work in some homes across the country. Just look at the popular robot vacuum cleaners, for example! Over the next few years, you should expect to see more and more of these types of robots popping up in homes.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is creeping into more houses right now. But in ten years time it will be in every single household. So what exactly is smart tech, and how will it help you to run your household? It’s basically devices that are intelligent enough to predict what you want. For instance, smart heating systems that can detect movement in a room. As soon as they detect movement, they will then turn themselves on and start heating the room. Smart tech also covers all the systems that can be connected to and controlled by your smartphones and tablet devices.

Home Gadgets


Speech Enabled Devices And Systems

Imagine having a home free from switches and buttons! Well, this could be a reality one day as many tech professionals believe that speech-enabled devices and systems aren’t too far off. Since the development of Apple’s Siri, more firms and tech companies have been trying to create devices and systems that are fully speech enabled. This means that in the future, your home will be able to respond to various voice commands. You could turn on your heating or get the latest sports results simply by saying something!

Better Energy Storage

Some energy and heating systems are being tested that can detect your presence in the house. When you aren’t there, they will know to switch from their main energy source to battery packs. This will make your home a lot more efficient and eco-friendly. Not only that, though, but it could help you save a lot of money on your utility bills!

Of course, these are just theories about the future of home tech. The reality could end up being a lot more exciting!



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