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The Best Casino Game Apps To Compliment A Vegas Night In

Everyone loves casino parties. It’s an excuse for adults to get dressed up and it provides the perfect arena to debate who really is the best Bond (spoiler alert: it’s Roger Moore). This unique combination allows everyone to quickly abandon their usual social inhibitions, loosen up and really get into the swing of things. But creating the full atmosphere of Las Vegas can sometimes be a little out of reach for some. That’s why I’ve put together this guide, to sidestep the would-be stratospheric costs that hiring gambling equipment can sometimes climb to, enabling you with the ability to host your own casino night.

The good news is that nowadays everyone has a smartphone. This means that absolutely every one of your guests is able to bring along a game of their own. If you plan this in advance and set out areas for the different games to be played in, then you can set up a perfectly realistic virtual casino in your own living room.

With the plethora of different slot machine apps out there you have a boundless supply of different themes available, make sure you select a good mix, paying close attention to the bonus rounds and free wilds that are on offer to ensure a nice amount of variety.

Roulette is a must have at any casino party, but having to buy your own or hire one is a pain, not to mention costly for just one night’s frivolities. Try an online version instead, perhaps set up on an iPad or tablet in the middle of a table, to recreate the feeling of the real thing.

Poker is another obvious choice, the ability to create leagues of friends around the same virtual table completely obviates the need for a cardboard deck and neatly sidesteps the danger of anyone (probably Jeff) throwing a tantrum and creating a 52 card pick-up situation.

Another neat little advantage to creating your own virtual casino for a party is that it’s not only going to save you money, it’ll also save you time, negating the otherwise essential meticulous set up and monotonous pack down. That’s why I think, regardless of budget, that the virtual way will always come out on top.




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