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The Best Android Applications From Summer 2015

Summer will end soon, but the applications that have been released in the past months are starting to become popular and many users will want to install some of them, according to their needs. We’ve selected the coolest applications that were published lately on the Google Play store, and you’ll see that each one is different and comes with unique features.

Link Bubble

This application behaves like a browser, so when you click on a link inside an application, the webpage will be loaded in the background and will animate on screen. Instead of waiting for the current app to load the link, you will continue to do what you were doing, then you’ll open the webpage when it’s fully loaded. The app has light and dark themes, it can load more links, simultaneously, and it provides a Reading mode, so you won’t see ads or other texts that will tire your eyes. It has deep integration with other applications and when you’re clicking on a link from Twitter which redirects to Instagram, you will no longer see a full screen browser. If a webpage has embedded YouTube videos, Link Bubble will locate them and will give a shortcut for them, to load them directly in the YouTube app. However, Link Bubble will never ask permission to access your location, like other applications.


Etsy is a marketplace where you’ll find handmade and vintage goods for sale. From here, you’ll buy special gifts, handmade jewelry, get ideas for wedding arrangements and you’ll explore and learn about new techniques for creating clothes, furniture etc. Currently, there are 20 million members and the number keeps increasing every day. With this application, you can “favorite” items and check them later, you will interact with the sellers and you’ll be notified when an order ships. You can pay for items using your PayPal or Google Wallet account and if you don’t understand the English language, the app is available in German, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

Line Here

This is a messaging application for people who want to keep in touch with their loved ones. You can share your location, to be found more easily by your friends, so they’ll know whereto find you when you’re going out, to a club, or if you’re hiking or doing other outdoor activities. Line Here has many features, such as intelligent place notifications, informing you when his/her friend leaves a place or arrives there. If you don’t want to share your location non stop, the application offers the option to temporarily share your location, and the timer can be set from 1 hour to 24 hours. Also, the application allows you to create and manage location sharing rooms.

top android apps 2


This application is for gamers who want to pass difficult levels with the help of other gamers. GameOn created a network for all the users who like to share game progresses by uploading game data. The network houses 60 games, but more games will be added regularly. The only requirements in order to install GameOn are to have a rooted device and to pay $1 as an introductory beta price. Since it’s in a beta phase, the application may have bugs which can be reported to the developer. Some of the games you’ll find in the network are Angry Birds, Plants Vs Zombies, Cut the Rope etc.


This virtual assistant was created by Microsoft for Windows Phone and it was improved in order to be supported by Windows 10. The good news is that the developers worked on a version for Android, but it’s available as beta for the US testers. Some of the things that Cortana will do in Android are: to set reminders and alarms, to bring up events, make recommendations for places to eat and drink etc.


With this application, you will buy and sell stocks for free and you will have access to market data and quotes in real time. Using color schemes, the application will inform you when the markets are open and closed, you will easily place trades and check the historical market data.


If you have a beautiful voice, then you’re spending good quality time doing karaoke. The best thing about karaoke is that the songs have the lyrics displayed on the screen in real-time, and those with a bad memory will read them and sing perfectly. Even with their voices are lousy. With Genius, you’ll have access to all kinds of lyrics and you’ll play your favorite songs. In addition, you will be able to watch videos and read annotations, upvote and downvote etc.


With this app, you’ll edit your photos to look like masterpieces, by applying one of the 12 presets or setting the Deep Dream parameters, in order to get more granular control. The resulted images can be shared with your friends from Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

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