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The App Science Behind Predicting Football Scores

For many, weekly football matches go hand-in-hand with betting on their results. Whether it’s placing money down on your favorite team or a multi-game accumulator across the entire league, putting hard-earned cash on the line is a regular routine for a swath of avid football fans.

While numerous betting services periodically offer “risk-free” betting, the majority of gambling enthusiasts would argue that if you’re not placing real money into the firing line, you’re not doing it right. This can be a concern for anyone new to the whole betting thing, which is why several websites and apps provide comprehensive information about each game, including result predictions.


Sites that specialize in predicting how football matches will play out are numerous, not simply limited to those in the U.K.; Asian handicap odds also providing a slew of information for budding gamblers. Sites such as these not only give their personal educated odds, but also show the odds of various sites and betting services, allowing users to choose where and when they want to lay their money down.

Aside from staring at numbers on a screen, football lovers have a great many means of informing their betting decisions – with personal research being considered part of the experience. From browsing team stats, injuries, and the league table, to reading the opinions of trusted advisors, such as Stan Collymore’s weekly predictions on Boylesports, winning money through combined research is the ultimate reward.

In recent years, apps have become a great resource for not only the act of betting itself, but also looking up predictions about the week’s games, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Apps such as Football Predictor and Football Predictions provide detailed information regarding each game, including specific percentages and tips to aid each user’s betting decisions.


Swapping between a myriad of apps leading up to game day is a way of life for many; getting up-to-date odds and news, while placing the bets themselves. However, even with an endless amount of information at your fingertips, a string of variables can always create an upset: unexpected injuries being the primary offender, or of course the infamous magic of the FA Cup.

Considering this, many betting companies entice new and existing gamblers into the fold by offering a variety of tempting opportunities – encouraging fans to experiment with which service they put their money down with. From free weekly money, risk-free bets, and a percentage of money back upon spending a particular amount, gambling on football matches has never been easier.

Apps to assist with predicting football scores and monetary incentives that often arise through using apps such as Bet365 or William Hill, have developed a harmonious relationship with football fans. Whether placing money down on a match is half the fun, or you’re new to the scene, apps have made it more convenient than ever to predict scores and put your money where your mouth is.



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