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Teclast T45 HD is a New Budget Android Tablet With Dual-SIM

Android tablets never get old, and once again, the technology realm is eager to prove it to us, thanks to the guys from Teclast. The Chinese company has a new product to boast about, the Teclast T45 HD tablet. Whether you’re in a deep romantic relationship with your smartphone or you can’t imagine yourself away from your laptop too much, you might still be willing to buy yourself an Android tablet.

Let’s say you like reading ebooks. Spending a few bucks on a tablet so that you can use it in the evenings to read the classic book known as ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu, for instance, might become a great idea. Reading an ebook on a tablet is more comfortable for many people than doing so via smartphones or laptops. That’s why you should keep reading about the qualities of the Teclast T45 HD tablet!

Tablet T45 HD costs under $40

Although it’s not yet clear if the Tablet T45 HD tablet is available for sale or not, it’s listed for less than $40 on the official website of the manufacturer. The guys from Notebookcheck tell us more about the capabilities of the tablet, and we must say that they are impressive for a product so cheap!

Teclast T45 HD stands out for its 10-inches IPS panel that will display your favorite movies and TV shows in a smooth matter. The 1,920×1,200 resolution of the tablet is more than enough for such purposes. You also need to keep in mind that the tablet has a touch sampling rate of 120Hz, which can always be a plus if you’re into gaming. As for the refresh rate of the display, it will most likely be set at 60Hz, which means not too low and neither too high.

The Teclast T45 HD tablet is powered by the Tiger T606 processor, which uses the combination of the Cortex A75 and six A55 computing cores. There are also 8GB onboard, but the user can extend to double that amount through a swap file. The tablet also has 128GB of storage, and if that’s not enough, you can expand it using a memory card slot.

Teclast’s new tablet also comes equipped with Android 13 out of the box, and you can’t ask for more in that area! The tablet also has a 7,200mAh battery, and the cameras also deserve to be mentioned: there’s a 13MP main camera and a front snapper of 8MP.

Probably the most surprising feature of the Teclast T45 HD tablet is represented by the implementation of the 3.5-millimeter jack. Most smartphones and tablets nowadays rely only on Bluetooth connectivity when it comes to headphones, but it’s nice to see that some companies still cling to the older method.

Getting yourself an Android tablet for just a few dozens of bucks is surely a decent conbination, not to mention that you can use it from anywhere to watch your favorite content online. You can even use it at any time in the bus while you’re on your way to work, for instance. The possibilities become endless.

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