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Technology On the Go: Smart Gadgets for Busy Commuters

Whether you’re driving to work or taking a long-distance train, technology can help make the journey more productive, exciting and fun. As long as you’re doing something interesting, time will fly and you won’t even feel the long journey. Here’s some useful technology to help your daily commutes.

Hands-Free Setup in Your Car

Using your phone during a drive isn’t allowed. That’s why you need to set up some inexpensive gadgets such as a phone holder so that you can view your messages and calls and answer them without holding your phone. You’ll even be able to use your in-phone GPS as a bonus! You can also get Bluetooth remotes that attach to your steering wheel or dashboard that can be used to control your music or answer calls.

There are many different models and they can be quite cheap, though the feature-rich devices will cost a lot more. You can also get a Bluetooth speaker device to place on your dashboard if your in-car audio isn’t satisfactory.

wireless headphones
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Wireless Headphones

It can get frustrating fiddling with wires and microphones when it comes to travelling. Your headphones or earphones can tug when you move around and the cable shuffling next to your clothes can cause some unwanted audio interference. A pair of wireless headphones (or a set headset if you want to answer calls too) is a great idea for commuters that travel a lot in busy locations.

There are three main options: in-ear, open and closed. In-ears tend to isolate background noise which is great if you’re on loud transport such as a train. Open headphones will leak a lot of sounds, but it means you can hear other drivers and commuters in case you’re worried about safety. Closed headphones are similar to in-ears with the exception that they’re bulkier and some people don’t like fitting earphones into their ears. Dextro Audio has a list of many popular wireless headphones if you need more advice.

Public Transport Apps

Your phone is capable of connecting to public transport services that’ll help you decide when to rush for the train and how much time you have before the next one arrives. It’ll help you get around for cheaper because you won’t have to resort to buying tickets when you arrive at the station and you’ll never miss a train or bus again. Many public transport apps also offer discount deals for regular users.

Tablet Device

Your tablet is capable of doing a lot of different things. A small tablet that can fit in your bag can pack a lot of entertainment for a busy commuter. For example, you can read eBooks and digital magazines with it. Carrying around a book is quite risky because it can get damaged in your bag as you move around, and many websites such as Amazon offer subscription services where you can get free books and great offers on a variety of different reads. If you prefer audio, then you can also get audiobooks for great prices and download them to your phone or media player to listen to while you travel.

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