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How Technology Can Help Artists Make A Living

They might seem like two opposite sides of a spectrum, but art and technology can not only coexist, but they can merge to open a lot of doors for young artists. In fact, technology has made it possible for “art” and “well-paid career” to share the same sentence. Any career involving technology does require a touch of creativity to make it stand out from its competition. If you want to combine your creative side with your technological knowledge, here are a few careers you should consider.

Mobile designer

With new mobile phones getting launched every year, you know the mobile industry has a high demand for creative tech designers. You wouldn’t exactly be limited to mobile phones either. As every user of electronic devices needs easier access to the internet on the go, mobile designers have to get creative about how to write clean code that works great on every screen size out there, from smartphones and tablets, to mini laptops and jumbo monitors. The mobile phone world is also one of the most rapidly changing markets out there, so there’s no chance you’ll get bored, or be short of job opportunities. For the foreseeable future, you would have the challenging but exciting task of not just designing great responsive sites and apps, but designing how people will weave technology into their daily lives.

2D and 3D animator

Never underestimate your ability to draw creative characters and stunning backgrounds. This is one of the major talents that is used to create memorable animated films and TV shows. Animation is an art form that has gone through many technological advancements over the years, and continues to make its own strides with every new release; all you have to do is watch anime or Disney’s Moana to see how animation has created a variety of effects on the big and small screens. If you have a talent for basic drawing, and you want to jump on board the 3D bandwagon, there are plenty of opportunities for young artists to develop a career in the film industry.

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Game designer

Video games are always in high demand, and you could be one of the creative minds behind the development of the next high anticipated game. Whether your plan is to one day be a gaming entrepreneur, or you just want to test your design skills, you could make a living in a dynamic industry, while still enjoying the benefits of a secure job with a competitive salary. This is also another career where boredom will soon become a stranger; aside from the sheer enjoyment of working with video games, designers have a very interesting role to play in the development of the games. They are responsible for conceptualizing the themes, structure and rules of a video game—some specialize in more overtly creative areas such as scriptwriting or level design, while others work on game-play design or level mechanics. In either case, as a game designer you’ll be using artistic and creative skills in addition to technological knowledge.



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