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Tech Talk: The Technology Changing The Face Of Real Estate

Each year, real estate companies are pouring more and more money into technology, to help improve their efficiency and expand their reach. With technological tools that make conducting business quicker, easier, and more efficient, the most popular options. Bearing that in mind, the question is, which are the technologies that are changing the fact of real estate due to how valuable they are seen as being for these businesses? Read on for our low down of the technology that is having the biggest impact on the real estate sector.


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Signing software

Gone are the days when documents had to be sent out in the post and signed by hand. Today, thanks to document signing software, like DocuSign and ZipForms, which allow users to sign documents online from any touchscreen device, the way in which contracts are signed has changed significantly. This software has allowed realtors to speed up the property sale and leasing process, saving time and money. It’s also much more convenient and is popular with buyers and renters alike, as well as landlords.

Mobile apps

Like all industries, the real estate sector has found mobile apps highly useful for a range of reasons. From apps like Google Maps, which make showing the location of a property much easier, to applications like Zoopla and Rightmove which are property listing mobile apps, there is no getting away from the fact that apps are highly beneficial for real estate businesses. Take Dropbox, for instance, for sharing documents, images, and data; this is an incredibly useful piece of software.

Floor planning programs

Floor planning technology is giving realtors the opportunity to provide a more thorough high-quality view of the properties that they have on offer. Resources like can be incredibly useful when it comes to creating high-quality advertisements for properties, as they make creating floor plans much quicker, easier, and simpler. Floor plans are a vital part of the real estate advertising process, which is why having technology that makes creating them easier is so crucial.

Social media

Social media is not only a key marketing tool for real estate businesses, but also for marketing different properties. From sharing advertisements via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to posting in groups and using the selling features that sites like Facebook offer, social media can be a highly useful tool. It can make generating leads much easier and quicker, as well as improving the speed at which rental properties are filled, and houses and apartments are sold. For all the best social media marketing hacks for real estate, utilize resources like

Technology has, without a doubt, changed the way in which realtors do business. Software like the pieces mentioned above has made the process of running a real estate company much easier and more effective. It has made advertising cheaper and more straightforward, as well as improving the lead generation process. Then there’s the fact that technology has meant that different aspects of sales and rental deals have become simpler, such as the contract signing process, for instance. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, technology has become a vital tool. For realtors, it’s become something that operating an efficient business without, would be almost impossible.



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