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No Tech Skills, No Job – How To Use Tech As A Competitive Advantage

Technology is not only part of every business’s and customer’s life, but it is also part of your professional career. Whichever role you are aiming for within an office, it’s likely that without the appropriate level of tech knowledge, you won’t be able to get your dream job. Why so? Because in a world where businesses rely heavily on digital technology to grow, their employees need to become tech-savvy to support the growth. While it is part of the HR responsibility of the company to train their employees, don’t be fool by it. When recruiters have a choice between a tech-savvy candidate and an applicant with little tech knowledge, employers will always value the person that is tech-experienced, even if it isn’t a position that requires technological involvement. So which kind of tech knowledge can help you to secure a job, and more importantly how can you acquire this knowledge?

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Always Train To The Latest Trends

The keyword when it comes to tech skills is training. Without practice, you can’t feel confident enough to use your new skills. More importantly, without practice, you can’t learn any new skill. You can join training classes to be on the safe side so that you can practice in a safe environment and ask the instructor when things don’t work. Training Connection is a safe place for this, as they provide a palette of classes in everything from web design to Adobe software tools. When it comes to learning technical skills, you can naturally work with books and online forums, but make sure to find a community to help you on the way, even if it’s only an online community.

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For Marketing And Digital Entrepreneurs

Marketer and entrepreneurs need to have a strong understanding of digital monitoring skills, to measure the company’s success. Understanding what CRO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, means and how it is measured can play a crucial role in looking at ways to improve it. Additionally, it’s worth to mention that a large percentage of marketers lack training in setting their conversion tracking systems. Consequently, they are not able to measure the exact conversion rate. You also need to understand the importance of UX design, and how it can impact positively or negatively your revenues. Poor design is a handicap to your growth. Finally, SEO is an indispensable skill that you need to understand and master. While you might not need to become the next SEO guru, you need to know which tactics are authorized by search engines.

For Admin Roles

Administrative roles, from the office manager to the receptionist, need to be able to create a professional looking document. Indeed, it is likely that you will be required to send internal notifications, produce documentation for the newcomers, and help to prepare sales pitch material when the team is working against the clock. As a result, mastering word processing tools, presentation tools and the creation of PDFs is the kind of skills that will put your CV on top of the pile.

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For Sys Admins And IT People

As a system admin, we have no doubt that you are trained to the latest data security practices. But how are you about creative approaches to avoid security breaches? If you work in an open environment, you might want to consider the addition of facial recognition instead of a password to unlock staff laptops. Indeed, using a camera can help to reduce the risk of indiscretion when employees are on the go.



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