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Using Tech To Keep Your Family And Pets Safe

These days we tend to worry more about our kids’ safety and well-being. There are so many horror stories in the press about dreadful people taking children from the street or grooming them online. We’re also more aware of the damage that bullying and loneliness can do to kids by the time they reach adult life. More than ever, we want to make sure they’re OK without coming across as overbearing parents.

This is why so many people are turning to tech solutions so they can be hands off, but totally connected when they need to be. Most kids have mobile phones and devices. Whether they know it or not, parents are able to track their location, or at least the location of the device. As devices have become smaller and smarter, non-phone solutions have become available.

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Simple things like BlueTooth trackers can connect with your phone, so you can see where they are. They cost next to nothing. When you attach one to your pet’s collar, it can help you track them down if they leave the yard. Sure, the range isn’t huge, but it could be just enough, especially as it can alert you as soon as they move out of range to go after them.

Some trackers have SIM chips installed so you can use GPS to track them down using a cell signal. If you wish to be discreet, you might slip one in your child’s school bag so you can be sure they’re safe at school all day. Many of us are keen to equip all the family with the latest gadgets and gizmos. However, it’s not always appropriate or ideal to give a child a smartphone if it might lead to theft. A discreet or covert tracker could be a better option.

At home, security is very important. You want to know that you are safe indoors and that your home is impenetrable. Of course, houses are quite big, with many rooms. Most of us use some sort of baby monitor when the little ones are upstairs asleep, so we can be instantly alerted to them waking. There are some smaller wifi enabled cameras featured on Sasha’s blog that could be used to monitor people coming in and out, or the minder you trust with your child.

Would you covertly record your kids? Many apps exist that allow you to listen through their phone handset. There are also discreet, miniature sound recording devices that could be left in a pocket or bag. With good battery power, you might be able to listen back to their full day. It would certainly reveal any situations like bullying that may have cropped up. Children find these kind of events difficult to talk about. Sometimes helping them gather evidence can help them open up to you.

Now tech is smaller, smarter and more robust, there are even more applications for it. Whether you’re looking for covert monitoring, or you simply want a way of checking in from time to time, it could be ideal.



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