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Stevie Wonders Where All His Credits Go With Spooky House Slots App

Gamblers maybe some of the most superstitious people on the planet and will do just about anything to enhance their chances of a win. Now I admit that I may have thrown salt over my shoulder every once in a while, but for the most part I’m with Stevie Wonder in thinking that, “Superstition ain’t the way”. That’s why, despite my new favourite game Spooky House on the new free online casino game site and app being chock-full of black cats and eerie music, it’s still my go-to app for a bit of action packed sporting fun. Better the devil you know and all that…

If, like she is for me, Wednesday Addams is a bit of a style icon for you then you’ll love the Victorian-era haunted house set atop a purple, sinister wood that frames the Halloween styled slot reels. Laughing pumpkins and saucy sorcerers liven up the game and make a magical display upon a win.

Pick from 1-30 lines, take advantage of the stacked wilds and adjust the odds to suit you, without the need of a lucky charm. Enjoy the hair-raising free spins, spooky interactive bonuses and magical bonus rounds that come packed-a-plenty in this spectral game.

If you fancy a bit of a change, hit the ‘Gamble’ button and take lady luck for a spin on a 50-50 black or red challenge. Any troubles at all and you’ll find a friendly team of customer service providers that are on hand to take care of your every fear; also, if credits start to run a little low then you can top up using the secure, online, in-app purchases feature.

Although I won’t be traipsing through any gloomy swamps and I still find black crows somewhat unnerving, Spooky House will remain my portal to another dimension of all things weird and wonderful with the added bonus of being able to access it under the covers with the light on!

So, if you would like to uncross your fingers and let go the superstition then download this new free app from the App Store today. MWWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

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