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Spotify Prepares to Offer Lossless Streaming to Users

Yes, all of your favorite artists are on Spotify. That’s also the place where you can find any genre you want, regardless of how peculiar it might be. Spotify is the place where you can find millions of songs. If you lack inspiration when trying to build up a playlist, don’t worry! The app will do that for you as well! It won’t hesitate even to bring you countless recommendations based on your music taste and listening history.

But guess what? Spotify’s music streaming quality is far from satisfying everybody. In fact, it’s below what competing apps such as Apple Music or Tidal have to offer. There’s no HiFi quality on the music streaming offered by Spotify, and that is a major complaint of users.

Spotify announced even since 2021 that it would bring a HiFi music streaming plan for its users, but it didn’t happen. But now, there’s information that the music platform is finally preparing to introduce lossless streaming to its users, according to Bloomberg. Better late than never, right?

Spotify’s “Supremium” plan will cost users more

Spotiffy’s upcoming HiFi music streaming plan will likely be known as “Supremium,” and it will cost users more than the current non-lossless plan that the platform offers. No information is available at this point regarding the exact fees or the release date of the improved Spotify plan. The platform currently charges its users $9.99 per month for non-lossless streaming, which is a pretty high price compared to what Apple Music or Amazon Music Unlimited has to offer.

For a monthly fee of just $11, you can get access to lossless streaming if you choose an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. If you’re a Prime user, you’ll even receive a discount of $2. That surely is a better offer than what Spotify has to offer, although Amazon Music Unlimited’s catalog might not be as bulky.

Let’s also take a good look at Apple Music, shall we? It’s a streaming service that you can use on an iPhone, an iPad, or even on an Android device. Apple Music demands $11 per month as a subscription fee. By paying it, you’ll have access to a lossless catalog of songs. You can even benefit from a nice discount if you’re a student, as Apple will reduce the price to only $6 per month.

How about Tidal? That’s also a highly popular music streaming service, and it has some nice offers as well. An individual plan costs $9.99 per month, and the music quality is far superior to what Spotify has to offer.

Spotify hasn’t even neglected the desktop version of the app. A brand-new look is granted due to redesigned versions of ‘Your Library’ and ‘Now Playing.’ Here’s a quote coming from Spotify’s official website:

“Before Spotify made its way to mobile, fans streamed all their favorite songs on Desktop. Now this experience is getting one of its biggest revamps yet, with redesigned Your Library and Now Playing views, making the Spotify Desktop experience the best way to explore, curate, listen to, and organize Spotify on a computer or web browser.

We’re keeping the main content area unchanged, so it will still be your central hub to browse, discover, and find recommended songs and podcasts.”

In other words, without trying to take anybody’s side, we have to admit that there are plenty of other music streaming apps out there that offer better services than Spotify. Under these circumstances, Spotify needs to look for ways of improving in order to avoid losing users.

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Costea Lestoc
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