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Go On a Space Adventure with the Fun App, Fast of Clan

Ever wish you could escape your boring life on Earth? With the new game, Fast of Clan – Kings of Glory, you can do just that! This free app lets you build your own clan to accompany you on your journey through space, so you can battle against millions of other players too. With more than 40 levels of fun, you’ll see in no time why this game was ranked one of Android’s Best Games of 2018!

InfoCurse - Fast of Clan

Your first step should be to download the game from either Google Play or the App Store – it’s free but there are a few ads and some in-app purchases that come with the non-existent price. After that it’s time to choose your spaceship from the over 15 vehicle options, and you’ll be all set for your adventure! The game is pretty easy to play – move your spaceship to new positions by swiping or tilting your screen to the left or right. You’ll be able to show off your your skills by dodging dangerous obstacles and acing the challenges.

Fast of Clan is also a great game to play if you want to team up with your friends. You can search for other players on Facebook and Twitter, and then recruit your pals to join your clan. There are over 130 million players worldwide, so you’ll find tons of potential clanmates who you can chat to, to help create winning strategies and beat the other players!

InfoCurse - Fast of Clan

It can be a little challenging to understand the rules when you’re starting out because of some spelling and grammar mistakes in the app. There are also some features of the game that don’t work when you first click on them. However, these aspects are sure to be worked out in future updates, and they don’t really interfere with your overall ability to ace the game.

Journey through space with the ultimate clan you’ve created, and download Fast of Clan, today!

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