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Some Great Gifts For The Social Media Lover In Your Life

Now is the time for gift-giving and cheer spreading. The best gifts are those that show just that little bit of extra insight into the loves of your loved ones. What if that loved one has social media in mind? Well, you’ll be glad to find out there are some great gifts for that, too.


Becoming an enabler

Someone who can’t stop tweeting, Snapchatting and liking is going to run into one problem consistently. They’re going to run out of battery life. What was once a whole dilemma can easily become a quick fix with the use of a portable charger. Sure, you might only be enabling them to get deeper into that social media addiction, but whatever makes them happy, right? Just make sure you get them a battery charger that’s compatible with their device or get prepared to feel the wrath.

Not-so-classic classics

You’ve probably heard all the same studies as we have about how social media is changing modern language. You also might like poking a little fun at your loved ones. Well, books like Twitterature might be the perfect present to give, then. Not only are they funny, but they’re a pretty interesting experiment in using social media for storytelling right there on the page with some of the most famous of classics.

An aerial look on life

There are those who love tweeting and wall-posting all kinds of stories. Then there are those who never stop snapping pictures. You don’t want to get them a selfie stick because you’re going to have to get used to that being stuck in your face at the most inopportune of times. Instead, consider drones that could really up their picture taking game. Don’t worry about the crazy expensive ones, either, this important link has a few that can fit any budget.

Snapchat specs

Then there are those who would prefer a look on life that’s a little closer to the ground. For people who love sharing stories on Snapchat, now there are specs that can allow them to do just that from their own viewpoint. Bonus points for those getting a gift for a significant other that looks extra-cute in a pair of glasses.

When it doubt, voucher it up

You loved one might be so into social media that they’re willing to use all sorts of extra apps to make sure they get the most out of it. From social media management tools to photography editing apps that help them get that unique visual look just right. If they know what they want better than you, why not get them a voucher for the Google App store? If they don’t spot anything they want, they can always get a smartphone game to enjoy when they’re not tweeting instead.

Some of these gifts are going to poke a little fun and some are going to really up their social media game. Whether you want a stocking filler or something a little more substantial, hopefully, we’ve given you a few ideas to tickle that hashtag-loving heart of theirs.



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