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Smash hit game apk file download.

Smash hit game apk file download: well another awesome game which takes back you to your physics classes. just kidding…!!! but yes, this time play store has game that makes extensive use of physics for various movements required. smash hit as you can guess is the game to smash everything around you. in smash hit game you have to throw balls at glass structures more better you hit more points you earn and game moves on. in this article get the download link to download smash hit apk file. but before giving you download link let’s go through the gameplay, graphics and sound effects.

smash hit game apk file download

Smash Hit Game Gameplay:

Game is all about how you smash or break glass structures around you. of course in n tame and not at your homes..:). just tap screen of your android smart phone or tablet to shoot the ball. camera view constantly move froward and as level goes higher it becomes difficult to hit moving objects.

People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

Well this is not true in this game. just aim good and hit. in smash hit you come across two type of aim. first gives you extra balls to increase your life and other are obstructions that you have to cross. if you fails to hit the obstruction you lose.

As you proceed further in-game it challenges you with more obstructions with greater speed.

As far as in app purchase are concerned in free version of game you can purchase the premium version at 1.99$. in premium version you can resume your game from the point you die. also it gives you cloud sync and many other features. but free version also won’t disappoint you.

After playing the game I feels that physics is involved in each step of the game. from shattering of glass to bouncing of balls you just need to shot with accuracy.

smash hit game apk file download smash hit game apk file download

Smash hit game graphics and sound:

No doubt game play is very simple with no high-end machine guns or weapons to kill opponent. still smash hit is awesome. detailing in breaking or smashing of glasses is excellent. on top of that gaming graphics give you additional effects like smoke and blur. after hitting you can actually see glass shattering into pieces with stunning sound effects.

You will never feel bore while listening to game’s music. Sound of shattering glass panes is amazing. From bouncing of balls to background music everything is great.

smash hit game apk file download

Download smash hit game apk file from link given below

Click to download smash hit game apk file.

  • Once you click on the link you will be redirected to the apk installer page.
  • On that page click on generate download link.
  • It will generate download link within few seconds.
  • Click on the link generated and downloading will start automatically.

How to play game once you have downloaded smash hit game apk file.

  • Once apk download is complete transfer the apk file to your android smart phone or tablet.
  • Use any file explorer like es file explorer and search for the apk file.
  • click on the apk file and download will start automatically.

Done, enjoy the game.

Please tell me if you are facing any problem while downloading the apk file from apk downloader. I will give you drive link to download directly.

Hope you can easily download smash hit apk file and enjoy.



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