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Smartphones And Viruses: The Inside Story

In today’s day and age a huge amount of reliance is placed upon our personal technology to get us through the day-to-day aspects of our lives. From personal finance to schedules, communication to social entertainment our mobiles essentially act as our pocket PAs, life-coaches and to a certain extent – babysitters. Without them we’d be lost, upset and, in a much more real way, vulnerable. Cyber warfare has proliferated in recent years and is becoming more and more sophisticated, that’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure that you get the best mobile protection possible.

Luckily for us, it’s a hell of a lot harder to hack into private mobile devices than it is to put up sufficient firewalls with antivirus 2017 software to protect them. So as long as you employ a grounding common sense and utilise a few strategic methods, your personal mobile security will remain safe, sound and in your hands.

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Use your head – no one is trying to give you free stuff…

If you ever feel tempted to click on a pop-up claiming that you’re the lucky winner of a cruise or that you’re the 1000th customer that day and so you can have a solid gold toilet, just remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch and if you enter any of your personal details – you will get scammed. If your browser does not say that a site is secure and they ask you for your phone number, email, facebook account, credit card or bank details, get the hell outta dodge, right quick.


Invest in the best new antivirus software that you can

It sounds obvious and to be honest – it is – but shockingly few people actually do this step. Having software that will protect your online browsing and actively block spam callers is of a tremendous advantage. Not to mention the more sophisticated versions will also aid users with some remote security if their phone is either lost or stolen.

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If you want to be a pirate, wear some eyeliner and buy a parrot – don’t rip off developers

Now I like playing minesweeper as much as the next gal, but not with my personal security and illegal pirated app stores are rife with malware. Do yourself and the developers who worked tirelessly to create the apps you’re attempting to steal a favour and just pay the nominal fee to obtain the app via the legit route. If not, you entirely belong on that sinking software security ship…

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