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How to Spot a Fake Facebook Account, Profile Pic: Simple Tips & Tricks

Simple Tips & Tricks to spot a Fake Facebook Account, Profile Pic: Presently, Facebook is the largest Social network giant on internet world. Each day people make new friends and interact with each other on Facebook. It has revolutionized the trend of Pen Pal into ‘Facebook buddy’. Talking to the core, Facebook has successfully encouraged globalization. But one must be suspicious about the rapidly changing trend to protect themselves from “Web Trapped”.


Despite the continuous effort of social network to wipe the fake accounts, there are almost 80 million fake profiles on Facebook. It counts to almost 6% of Facebook Population. Hence, Security on Facebook is always a wake up issue. So, it is important to spot the fake Facebook accounts (profile pic) before it gets too late.

_A Fake Facebook Profile_

Hmmm.. let me deduce the process to you at first. You get a friend request or friend suggestion from a hot guy/gal. You get curious/excited. You accept it without a utter. You start chatting. The closeness appears. You are on a cloud nine. Something miserable happens. You get caught by “Web trapped”. You broke your heart. Then, the play of dark feelings start. Anything worse can happen in this period. The ‘worse-ness’ depends on the effect of the trap. But at the end of the day, the result remains the same…. You regret being the butcher’s goat. Thus, it is better to act before than regret later. Though, there is no specific authorized procedure to detect fake Facebook account but I will tell you some simple tips & tricks to spot the fake Facebook Account or profile pic.


Some Tips to Detect Fake Facebook Account or Profile Pic:

Following are some easy tips that you should follow to detect a fake Facebook Account or Profile Pic:

  • The first thing to do is- Give a closure look at the Profile, Pictures, Status updates, Likes and Comments. Most fake people use the picture of celebrities, cartoon characters, a cute face or something unreal like flowers, kittens, beautiful view of nature, etc. At the maximum, there would be only one or two real pics. Most of the fake accounts would be spotted by this process.
  • Search the timeline for the following:

– Check out the recent activity.

– The most important thing, Check the liked pages.

– Check the Date of Birth, Profession and Check ins. Mostly fake profiles have strange personal information.

  • Check out his/her friend list. Have a look at mutual friends. If there is a high no. of mutual friends, the risk of fake profiles is less.
  • Check if the profile does not have conflicting information. Precise your search into location and profession. Match it with his/her friends. Most of the fake profiles have diverging friends with their personal information.
  • Having too many friends and followers is one of the regular sign of Fake Facebook profiles. There is a rare case of thousand of friends until they are a celebrity figure. Mostly people have some hundreds of friend.
  • Mostly girls prefer to keep their profile Private. So, the fake profiles would be public and list themselves as single.
  • Consult your friends if they are also getting some unknown friends.
  • Always be conscious and suspicious. Do not cross the limits until you know them in person. (I wouldn’t prefer you that also).


Some Tricks to Spot Fake Facebook Account or Profile Pic:

If the above tips does not help you much, then follow the below two tricks that would surely help you to spot a fake Facebook Account or Profile Pic: 

1. Google Image Search:

_Google Image Search Snapshot_

  • Let’s start with the focal point of an account i.e. Profile Pic. Right click on the profile pic and save in your desktop.
  • Now, surf to Google Image Search. Upload the Profile Pic that you have saved.

– To upload the pic, You could either drag and drop the pic or copy paste the URL of the pic. To get the URL, right click on the pic. Select ‘Copy Image URL’ and paste it on the Google search bar.

  • Google will scan the picture on the internet. It will show all the places where the pic is used. If the pic is real, there will not be any conflicting results. I have shown the result of my Profile pic in the below image.

_Google Search result of my Profile Pic_

2. FBchecker App:

_fbchecker app logo_

FBchecker is a free application FB checker that quickly examines the authenticity of profiles by their profile pics. Though, this app has some limitations but it is worth the try. It is not compatible on Windows XP. It would only run on Windows Vista, 7 and 8. To know more about it, visit

To download FBchecker app, Click on this link.

These were some simple tips and tricks to spot a fake Facebook account or profile. If you find a fake profile, do not forget to report to Facebook. It is better to act before than regret later. Stay safe, secure and happy Social web surfing. 🙂 To get much more tips and tricks of Facebook, Prefer Subscribing us and like our Facebook Page. Thank You.


Ayan Das is one of the owner and creative head of . He is a part time writer, keen blogger and an occasional website designer. He is pursuing engineering in electronics and communication from GGSIPU University. He is a tech lover and always fond of learning new things.


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