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ShowBox for Android Review

ShowBox for Android Review

Explore famous movies and TV shows right from your smartphone with ShowBox android application. This application gives you free access to bunch of all your favourite movies and TV shows. Customize all you favourite stuff with amazing features of ShowBox app. The app has been in buzz since a considerable amount of time, all because of its unconditional features which none of the other app possess yet. Set your favourite movies and TV serials on quick playlist and explore right from there instead of exploring the whole library.

Get In Flow With the Interface!

ShowBox is an easy to go application comprised of four different sections primarily. First section among which enables you to explore several movies. You can also make custom search by typing name of the movie. To broaden your search queries, there is a filter option too using which you can find those oldies which are quite hard to find. Using filter options you can sort movies by years, Name or Rating. Moreover, movies can be searched by genres such as thriller, Sci-fi, Anime and so on. The next section of ShowBox includes list of TV shows. Here you can explore whole bunch of different season associated with the individual programs.

My Library section keeps all your favourite stuff synchronised even after exiting the application. You can find all your saved TV serial and favourite movies and play. Download list is also maintained in this section. The last section might take your interest as it notifies latest updated movies and TV shows.


You can find TV show with all episodes along with subtitles. Before watching any video, you can set the quality of video to low, high or medium; on the basis of your internet connectivity. In each section where movies and TV shows are explored, you will find an option ‘Add to library’ using which you can simply add them to your library and would no more be needed to find out particular episode or movie title from long list. Explore your own library and keep things even simpler.

Apart, you can share your favourite video tracks right from this application on social networks as well. In case you want ShowBox for PC, it is also possible by using an android emulator. With this, you can play movies or series on big screen as well. ShowBox is the most appreciable application emerged out as an entertainment application for android smartphones. It may delight you by showing some of your favourite movies or serials. You won’t be needed to surf downloading and streaming video website anymore as you are just one click away from the entertainment.

Last thing you need to know is that it is not available on Google Play app store. Well don’t fall disappointed as it is not the end of the world, but you can choose an either way.



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