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Learn How To Shout Out Loud With Vocal Warrior

I find myself to be quite a demure person, not shy exactly but certainly not loud or garrulous. I often avoid confrontation and would never dream of raising my voice to anyone, even if it might be considered prudent (when working in hospitality for example, shouting “I’m behind you”, can help to avoid some messy situations – or so my boss told me whilst wiping chilli mussels from his freshly laundered shirt). So expect my surprise when, having heard about Vocal Warriors, the newly released voice activated gaming app from SOA Games, I not only had a go but ended bloody loving every minute of it.

I think what first drew me in were the cutesy, anime-style graphics; as surely nothing so harmless-looking and playful could ever be violent? Whilst the graphics do indeed remain adorable throughout the game, I was certainly wrong about the violence and especially about how much I’d enjoy it.

InfoCurse - Vocal Warrior

To make your avatar move you must loudly shout commands such as “Fist, kick, magic, meteor blade!” often in quick succession to chain the commands and land your opponent on the ground. What I liked best about this feature is if your character lands their command then shouting congratulatory word of encouragement will ensure that they continue to fight to the best of their ability.

Whilst the app is free-to-download from the App Store is does contain in-app purchases, so if you’ve handed your phone over to a youngster, just make sure that they don’t get carried away. It’s designed for iOS and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as being available in over 30 languages.

So if you’re not afraid to raise your voice then start screaming your way to victory by downloading Vocal Warriors from the App Store today!

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