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ShareIt for Android Review

ShareIt for Android Review

There was the time when you were required to wait long enough for getting your device’s content shared with other devices. Well, now the haggling and struggling is over because, a low speed sharing using USB Cable has been replaced. Lenovo has brought you a wireless platform for sharing your heavy contents. Be it a video, audio, image or any sort of documents or even a folder, ShareIt is all you need.

Features at a Glance

  • Free from any external network like Wi-Fi and mobile data network, this application doesn’t require any selection. So you can share your content at anytime and anywhere you want.
  • ShareIt automatically finds the devices under its range and saves you from struggling with scanning setback.
  • The ShareIt itself can be shared with other mobile device within seconds. This can be readily done as the app have separate section listing apps installed.
  • Being the cross platform sharing application, it can be used to share between almost all platforms, including android, PC (Windows) and iPhone.
  • View your photos on a larger screen because ShareIt lets you to connect your mobile device with a PC or laptop wirelessly using a “Play To option”.
  • If viewing photos is not enough for you, then try out “Remote View” to play audio, to view and transferring any file or folder.
  • Controlling a Power Point Presentation is not now hectic anymore because ShareIt’s “PPT Control” option is right there.
  • If your photos are taking a large amount of space over your mobile phone then “Backup Photos” option is going to work as a saviour for you. Backing up all your photos to a Laptop or PC is just a click away.
  • Integrated with a phone replicate feature, known as CLONEit; can be used for backing up and transferring SMS, MMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Applications, System setting and all other files from an old mobile phone to a new mobile phone.


Using ShareIt is as easy as pie because ShareIt involves a neat, clean and easy user interface. Well how easy it is? Tap on send button, select your desirable content, tap on next and ShareIt will itself find a device in its range. When we talk about receiving, tap on receive and wait. ShareIt will itself find a device near its range.

For an android device the minimum requirement is having Android 2.2. However if you are not an android user, you can get your ShareIt downloaded on your PC as well.

Current Version

The newest version is 2.7.78_ww with a rank of 6 under the category of Data Transfer applications. The latest version allows you to select SD Card as your location of storage. The integration of high speed transmission protocol will provide you faster speed than ever. The previous bugs reported by some of the ShareIt users have been fixed to provide to an optimised experience.

What’s Different?

Well if you are thinking “why to choose ShareIt over any other transmission tool” question then will be highly obliged to provide you with the answer. ShareIt has been reported as the best data sharing application across the world which offers tremendous speed with almost 200 times faster than the speed of Bluetooth. The best speed till now has been reported as 20 M/Sec. ShareIt is the choice of 300 Million users from around the world. If this is not enough then you will be surprised to hear that, ShareIt was among the top 10 finalist during Mobile Application Showdown in CES 2015. Google Play itself reported ShareIt as the top downloaded transmission application tool for an android in India.


  • Available on other mobile platforms too.
  • Free to use.
  • Inbuilt file manager makes it easy to browse files.
  • Automatically switch the best possible way to send files including, Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC.
  • Can easily transfer files on laptops and desktops too using the desktop application.


  • Inbuilt file manager shows up glitch sometimes, when the file manager cannot recognize some file extensions.
  • Direct sharing the file using the default file manager doesn’t work sometimes.



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