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Security On Online Casinos

Have you ever received an email saying that you need to prove your identity? At first these emails can sound a bit sketchy if you don’t know what the procedure is. Let us start by saying that if you receive these sort of emails, it’s always better to make sure they are actually sent by your online casino operator, not by anyone else. If you cant detect the email address it was sent from, you can always check this through the customer support of your online casino. However this kind of procedure is key to keeping things safe for you, and for everyone else. Please find our quick information package related to KYC (Know Your Customer) -protocols.

KYC is usually requested by the license holder

KYC is a big part of how online casinos operate as there are billions of dollars out there and someone needs to keep tabs on them to avoid misuse. Almost all casinos are operating under different licenses and these license providers usually require the casinos to know their customers. That way it’s easier to regulate them and minimize the negative side effects of gambling, such as gambling problems and money laundry.

When online casino is requesting to see your documents (such as passport, home address, bank account ownership etc.), they are handled through SSL-certificates (you should recognize this by looking the URL of your online casino. It should start with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”. If you’re unsure of what safety protocols your casino is using, you’re free to ask them to clarify before uploading your documents.

Once your documents are uploaded, they are usually handled by a dedicated team, usually named something like “Frauds & Payments”. These are trained professionals who check that everything matches with the details you created your account with. This process usually takes up to 72 hrs, depending obviously of the operator.

Protect your password

If you’re playing on public computers (internet cafes etc.), ALWAYS make sure to logout from your account when you’re done playing. Also, please don’t forget that in crowded places there are a lot of eyes you might not be aware of. Make sure you type your password without compromising it to anyone. If possible, try to avoid playing online casino games with public computers.

There’s no shame in asking

If you have something you don’t know about your account or the procedures, you’re always welcome to ask from the customer support of your operator. They are there to help you and it’s your right to challenge them if you feel your personal details aren’t kept safe enough. Please keep in mind, that majority of online casinos are taking these kind of safety issues very seriously and they are usually using the most advanced technology methods available, to keep the playgrounds safe for everyone.
If you want to check what kind of security protocols different online casinos uses, you can visit for more information.

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