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Saving Your Life: There’s An App For That

Your phone is capable of many things including taking photographs, reading maps, listening to music, translating languages and watching funny videos of cats. But did you know that it can also save your life in an emergency? Here are several life-saving apps that you can get which are always handy to have in your pocket


Need to make an emergency call but low on battery? Haven’t got your charger? This new programme called ChargeApp can help you locate the nearest available charging station. The app has teamed up with big retailers across the country, so wherever you are, you can get to a charging point quickly. Even if you don’t plan to be involved in many emergencies, this app can be super-handy for those regular outings when you suddenly realise that your phone is low on juice.

First Aid

Developed by the British Red Cross, this app serves as an emergency manual for helping someone who may be injured or be involved in an accident. From assisting with allergic reactions to stopping bleeding to putting people in the recovery position, this little app can give you a step-by-step guide complete with pictures. There are even demo video and quizzes to help you test your knowledge. Even if you’ve previously taken a first aid course, chances are your mind may be a little foggy on certain details, so it’s well worth having this little bible to fall back on.

Save Me Pro

Save Me Pro was allegedly thought up by a 12-year-old, which is quite impressive. When in an emergency situation, the app allows you to send a customised message to three emergency contacts. All you have to do to send out the emergency call is hit the power button eight times, whether or not the phone is locked. This means that even if you can’t speak, you can call for help. There are other ways to send out an emergency call that can be customised within the app. An extra 99p can also send out your GPS location to the police in the event of an emergency. For parents worried about their children adventuring outdoors, this app is a great reassurance.


Similar to Save Me Pro, this app is great for notifying others during an emergency. For dark night having to walk back home alone when you think you may be at risk of being jumped or stalked, this app allows others to see where you are on a GPS and follow your route. You can nominate an emergency contact (or ‘companion’) who will be able to see your route – they don’t even need the app to be able to see this (although it’s probably best notifying them about it first). A Smart Trigger option allows you to give an alert if you think you are in danger. There’s also an option to notify the police. All of this can be done without having to speak, simply by tapping the screen.  



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