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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Appears in Official Renders

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold series of foldable smartphones is just beginning to step into the hall of fame. The series began way back in early 2019, and it left many people speechless thanks to its elegance and efficiency. However, the guys from Samsung still had to make plenty of tweaks, as a significant part of its fanbase wasn’t too impressed. The company’s first foldable phone was simply fragile.

But you know how big tech companies handle such situations. Instead of calling off a project or sending its employees to Coventry, Samsung has learned from its mistakes of the past and has built even more powerful foldable phones. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, for instance, which came out last year, had a lot to offer for its demanded price, which now revolves around the amount of 1,000 euros. The phone runs on the high-end Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, it carries 12GB of RAM, and it’s also equipped with a huge Foldable Dynamic AMOLED display of 7.6 inches and 120Hz for its refresh rate, just to say the least.

Therefore, it’s obvious to anybody at this point that the expectations are over the top when it comes to the successor of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, meaning the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The latter device is currently in the works by Samsung, and we now have the privilege to learn more about it thanks to a few official renders found by @OnLeaks and @SmartPrix.

Samsung doesn’t change the design at all

The new renders reveal that Samsung applies the same recipe in the case of the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s design as it already did in the case of its predecessor. And, after all, why would the South Korean tech giant do otherwise? You know what that old English proverb says: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. A significant change in design wouldn’t be justified, especially for the fact that the previous Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 was received quite well by the public.

As we can easily conclude, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 has a large cover display, which means that the users won’t run out of precious notifications appearing on the phone. The cover display measures 6.2 inches, while the inner screen is significantly larger: 7.56 inches. Let’s be honest: those are the measurements you could expect from a foldable smartphone built by Samsung for 2023.

There’s also other important information available about the capabilities of the future ‘foldable’. There’s a side finger reader that will allow users to identify themselves, and a USB Type-C port, while we also have to remark on the presence of the dual stereo speakers. Samsung has been implementing dual stereo speakers even on some of its midrange phones, so there’s no surprise that flagships such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be treated in the same way.

If all goes according to plan, Samsung should release the new Galaxy Z Fold 5 foldable phone in a few months, most probably in August.

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